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MAIN Courses

MAIN 101: Industrial Electricity and Systems
Industrial Electricity and Systems is a basic course in the operation, characteristics, and applications of industrial electricity and industrial systems. This course covers function and practice of industrial controls in systems such as fluid power, mechanical, and electrical. This course stresses the theory and practice of industrial electricity as it relates to industrial systems and other technological fields. 3 HRS

MAIN 102: Mechanical Systems
This course examines general mechanical and physics principles and how they apply to common mechanical devices. Students will also experience hands-on sessions where they will install and maintain mechanical equipment. 3 HRS

MAIN 104: Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
This course introduces general air conditioning and refrigeration principles and how they are applied in industrial facilities. The course also includes the operation and maintenance of the individual components and functions of industrial cooling equipment. 3 HRS

MAIN 201: Electrical Wiring and Maintenance
This course covers electrical safety and components; includes principles of installation of electrical circuits within a facility. Labs emphasize principles of component selection, installation and maintenance of electrical distribution systems. 3 HRS

MAIN 202: Fluid Power Systems
This course examines basic fluid power theories and advantages, schematic reading and development, equipment specification and installation, and maintenance and rebuilding of individual components. Troubleshooting techniques will be emphasized. 3 HRS

MAIN 220: Mechatronics
This course covers electrical and mechanical integration, repairing and installation of advanced automation. The course includes robotic operations, safety, and maintenance. 3 HRS

MAIN 221: Heating Systems
This course covers theory, operation, and maintenance of residential and industrial heating systems. Topics include boilers, forced air furnaces, their operation, disassembly, inspection, and repair. Preventative maintenance procedures and regulations governing maintenance programs are also discussed. 3 HRS

MAIN 222: Industrial Controllers
This course covers the application and programming of programmable logic controllers (PLCs). Topics include: theory and operation of controllers; and ladder logic program development and implementation. 3 HRS