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Computer Network Security Specialist (Certificate)

12 credit hours.

This certificate prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of computer networking security. Successful completion of this certificate results in an in-depth understanding of networking , router and switch security, as well as knowledge of Local and Wide Area Networking operation and security. The concepts covered in this certificate enable the student to develop security experience in remote access, advanced switching, routing, IP addressing and network troubleshooting. Wireless and securing wireless networks will also be covered. Courses NETW 170, NETW 172, and NETW 271 prepare students to take several Cisco Certified Networking Exams as well as the CompTIA Security+ exam.

Program Pre-requisite:

Prerequisite is the successful completion of the following basic certificates: Computer Networking: Windows and Computer Network Cisco Academy.

Certificate course requirements

Gainful Employment Information

By completing this certificate, you may apply for employment as:

Job Title SOC Code
Network Systems and Data Communications Analysts Security Management Specialists Computer Security Specialists Database Administrators 15-1081.00 13-1199.02 15-1071.01 15-1061.00
The total program cost for completing this certificate is $2,448 for tuition and fees and $825 for books and supplies.

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