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What Will I Learn?

The certificates in Welding Technology prepare the student entry-level positions in welding and manufacturing processes. Students will complete a series of classes in various welding process including shielded metal arc, gas metal arc, gas tungsten arc, brazing, cutting, and soldering. You'll learn how products are manufactured based on standard processes used in industry. In addition, students will also learn basic knowledge and skills used in an industrial setting such as blueprint reading, technical mathematics, and personal communications.

What Is The Occupational Outlook?

As a graduate of Heartland Community College's welding certificate program you will be able to gain employment in a variety of settings that incorporate welding and manufacturing technology. Employers interested in our graduates include manufacturers or other firms who hire welders, machine operators, and other production personnel. The Occupational Wage Survey for Illinois indicates that average salaries for welding personnel range from $32,000-$34,000/year.1 Entry level wages average around $12 to $13/hour. Salary levels tend to vary by regions in the state.

What Are My Options?

The Welding Certificate of completion prepares individuals with basic skills in welding and related processes. This certificate may be used as a path to further study in welding, maintenance or manufacturing technology.

Graduates of the Welding Technology certificate program may go directly to full-time work or continue their education. Students who seek to earn an associates degree may continue their education in the AAS Maintenance Technology or AAS Manufacturing Technology Degrees. BS degree options include programs such as Industrial Technology, Manufacturing Technology, and Technical Education.

Welding Technology is a comprehensive program leading to a certificate. The program is designed to prepare graduates for employment or advancement as technicians or operators in industrial manufacturing organizations that utilize welding procedures.

  1. Department of Employment Security, State of Illinois, Wage Data 2009, on the Internet at http://lmi.ides.state.il.us/PDFs/statewidewage_pub.pdf