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Textbook Adoption Process

After being assigned to your course(s):

  1. Check Master Syllabus for textbook requirements.
    • If a standard text is listed as required, skip to step 5. 
    • If the syllabus allows for options, consult with Instructional Chair or Program Coordinator to ensure you are choosing an appropriate book
  2. If choosing a new textbook, work with your publisher rep to check out all of your options. Your division secretary can put you in contact with your publisher reps!
  3. Complete Textbook Adoption Form (PDF) for each section you are teaching and submit to Division Secretary by stated deadline
  4. Division Secretary enters textbook information into PeopleSoft and submits textbook report to bookstore by stated deadlines (Sept 15 for Spring, Feb 15 for Summer & Fall). Textbook information also posts to IRIS class schedule.
  5. Division Secretary manages textbook changes and serves as liaison between bookstore and division on textbook-related issues.

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