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Textbook Selection Tips

  • Meet HCC textbook adoption deadlines.  This assures compliance with the HEOA, gives the bookstore time to source used textbooks, and affords students the opportunity to comparison shop.
  • Use Open Educational Resources as much as possible.
  • Allow students to use an older edition.
  • Wait a year to adopt the new edition of your textbook to allow time for a used market to develop.
  • Place your textbook on reserve in the Library.
  • Utilize textbook comparison tools.
  • Remember that loose-leaf, bundles, and customized textbooks may be cheaper up front but often have no buy back value.

"Required" Textbooks

  • IF the textbook is used heavily throughout the course for readings, class discussion, test prep, and home work
  • AND IF a student cannot complete the class successfully without the textbook
  • THEN it is “required”.

Anything else is optional. Students don’t optional and neither should you.

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