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Heartland Community College

Humanities & Fine Arts

Create, Communicate, and Explore

When we study ourselves, our culture, and the things we make, we are studying humanities.  Studying the humanities helps us understand how others live and think.

“Science is the how and Humanities are the why. Why are we here? Why do we believe in the things we believe in?”  – George Lucas, Producer, Screenwriter & Director of Star Wars

“The measurable is what we know and the immeasurable is what the heart wants to know. The Humanities are the immeasurable.” - Billie Tsien, architect

With Humanities courses you: Explore world cultures, arts, religions, and languages. Debate and discuss philosophy, open your brain to new ideas, or find a problem and solve it.  Take an idea and communicate it effectively. 

With Fine Arts courses you: Make music, sing, or develop your acting technique. Design graphics and illustrations. Create a work of art: draw, sculpt, paint, photograph, throw a ceramic pot.

Learn about yourself and who you are in the world.

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