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Alumni Spotlight

MARCH SPOTLIGHT:  Hunter the Hawk

In 2010, Heartland Community College got a little more character. On June 1st of that year, Hunter the Hawk was hatched. Hunter hit the ground running after joining the Heartland family. Whether he's on campus and at HCC athletic events or out in the community at parades and school events, Hunter loves to share the Heartland story. During COVID, he's had to spend a little more time nesting than normal but he can't wait to get back out and about and high-five new friends.

During his down time, Heartland's #1 fan had decided he needs to add some people to Team Hunter so that when it's safe to do so, he and his friends can get back out in the community. Know of any students who would like to join Team Hunter as a mascot performer or handler? These paid positions are like not other jobs on campus. Contact Kym Ammons-Scott to learn more.  



This month's alumni spotlight shines on Josh Crockett. Crockett, a 2019 Heartland graduate, is currently an ISU student studying political science. Corckett was very busy during his time as a Heartland student. During his time at HCC he served as both the student body president and student trustee. He also played a vital role in helping the College find ways to lower textbook costs.

Being raised in a working class family helped give an awareness of how important community colleges are. "Through a quality, affordable education, community colleges offer a path to economic security and mobility for all people. And what 'quality' and 'affordable' means is readily available, innovative and impactful opportunities for lifelong learners as they look to build meaningful credentails and skills that aid them in the workforce," says Crockett.

After moving on to Illinois State University Crockett started working in the Center for Student Engagement, where he focused his energy on the 2020 census and the November election. Making sure fellow students and area residents participated in the census was important for the community and he is proud of the work he and his team accomplished.

Looking back on his time as a Heartland student, Crockett says that HCC had a profound effect on him. "Heartland faculty, staff and administration pour their hearts into their students every single day. Their passion and dedication to their work helped shape me into the person I am today."

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