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May 20th - August 9th, 2024 

Reception: July 11, 4:00 to 6:00 PM 


Workshop in collaboration with Heartland Community College Continuing Education 

Date: June 15, 1-4 PM 

Maximum class size: 10 parent/child groups. Registration required through Continuing Education. 


Curatorial Statement

Joe McCauley Gallery is pleased to present "Play", an interactive and kid-friendly exhibition with sensory experiences surrounding the theme of play, featuring artist and educator, Breanne Evans. Evans is an interdisciplinary artist whose work spans graphic design, photography, and mixed media. 

We are especially proud to showcase Bre's work. She has a special connection to Heartland Community College as an alumna, former intern, and current marketing content coordinator for HCC. She is also an educator at Illinois State University bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to her artistic practice.  

With a background in creative technologies and graphic design, Evans is constantly exploring new ways to merge traditional craft techniques with digital technologies. Her work often incorporates recyclable, organic, or unconventional materials, reflecting her commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness.  

"Play" explores how playtime shapes our identity and affects our physical and cognitive development. Evans’ work is characterized by its playful and experimental nature, reflecting her belief in the power of art to ignite imagination and spark curiosity. By embracing a spirit of adventure, Bre invites viewers to join her on a journey of self-discovery and exploration. Through workshops and participatory experiences, she encourages audiences to discover the joy of artistic expression and meaningful connections. 

In her own words, Bre Evans explains the significance of this exhibition: “The multimedia, interactive works represent psychologist Jean Piaget's stages of play. Their vibrant and tactile qualities emphasize sensory exploration and energetic curiosity while referencing personal childhood experiences. The exhibition offers adults an opportunity to reflect on their own experiences with play while giving children the chance to see aspects of their identity reflected within a gallery setting.” 

This is achieved through five interactive pieces, each tied to developmental aspects of childhood play. The works are colorful, textural, and positive.  

This exhibition includes a hands-on parent-child workshop where participants will learn how to create custom stamps using linocut tools. Participants will print their design on a tote bag to take home and tour the exhibition with the artist.  

Join the McCauley Gallery in exploring the interactive multimedia world of "Play," where Bre Evans’ artwork invites you to experience natural curiosity, exploration, and playfulness. 

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