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What major is right for me?

Are you undecided on your major or unsure if the major you are pursuing is right for you? This webinar provides an opportunity to assess your interests, skills, and talents and to then understand how your unique characteristics relate to careers.

Exploring Careers and Choosing a Major

I need a job! Where do I start?

Get prepared for your job search by crafting a solid resume and cover letter that will stand out to potential employers. In this workshop, you will learn how to organize your information, be concise, utilize effective action verbs and express yourself in a professional and effective manner.

Writing Effective Resumes and Cover Letters

I have an interview! Now what?

Congratulations! Getting an interview takes hard work. An interview is your opportunity to show your potential employer why you are right for the job. This workshop will show you how to connect with the interviewer, express yourself confidently and distinguish yourself from other candidates.

Mastering the Job Interview

What other skills can I explore?

Improve your skills for success with more free online workshops! Explore your options here:

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