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Career Research Tools

Discover what careers are available in the current job market, what they pay, and what skills are necessary to work in the industry of your choice.

O*NET       Career One Stop       Occupational Outlook Handbook

Career Cruising

Take a Career Cruising assessment to clarify your interests, skills, and values and discover related occupations.

Use the following information to log into the Career Cruising website:
Log-in: heartland
Password: college

Career Cruising

Strength and Personality Inventories

Take a strength and/or personality inventory to help you decide on a career path. Drop in or make an appointment to see your advisor to see what assessment would be best for you.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII): Provides insight into your strengths so that you can use them to help you consider potential careers, your educational path, and the world of work.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Provides insight into your personal preferences to help you choose a career that suits you.

Career Courses

Take a Success Education course for credit and broaden your scope by learning how your values, skills, and interests impact your career and life choices; what hard and soft skills are necessary in your area of interest; the importance of motivation, emotional intelligence and communication in the workplace, and more.

Success Education Courses

Information Interview or Job Shadow

Discover what drives the day-to-day of your intended career by setting up an informational interview or job shadow experience with someone in your field at a local organization. Use the form below to help you get started.

Job Shadow Form


Resume and Cover Letter Builder

Hire a Hawk has a resume to suit your needs whether you are just starting out, changing careers, or getting back in the field. Log in to get started with our resume-building tool.

Build a Resume Resume/Cover Letter Tips

Prepare for Your Interview

Research your prospective employer and learn what to expect in an interview. Then schedule a mock interview with your academic advisor and get feedback to take with you.

Research Tools

Glassdoor      LinkedIn

Interview Resources

Interviewing Best Practices



Test your classroom skills in the workplace with an internship. You'll boost your resume while you gain firsthand experience in your field. Use the Internship Approval Form below to help you get started if you intend to earn credit for your internship. Then search for your opportunity in Hire a Hawk.

Internship Approval Form

Search for Internships

Part-Time Jobs

Gain transferable skills or entry-level experience with a part-time job. Attend a Career Connections job fair to get to know professionals in your field of interest and pursue opportunities. 

Search for Jobs