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Certificate - Early Childhood Education Level II Credential

18 credit hours

Catalog Year 2017-2018

Early Childhood Education Level II Credential Certificate Requirements

The Illinois Gateways Level Two Credential is designed to support movement through the state of Illinois Career Lattice. The Level Two Credential expands on foundational professional knowledge, and supports progression to the Level Three Credential or direct exit into the field.

Class Title Credit Hours
CHLD 102 Growth & Development of the Young Child 3
CHLD 202 Health, Safety & Nutrition for the Young Child 3
Total Credit Hours 6

Certificate Options

Choose one of the following options:

Career Option

Choose this option if you are planning on transitioning directly into the workforce.

Class Title Credit Hours
CHLD 101 Introduction to Early Childhood Education 3
CHLD 105 Curriculum for Early Childhood Programs 3
CHLD 109 Observation & Assessment of Young Children 3
CHLD 209 Child, Family & Community 3
Total Credit Hours 12

Transfer to ISU Option

Please consult with advisor if you are transferring to another university.

Class Title Credit Hours
CHLD 110 Introduction to Human Verbal Development 3
CHLD 207 Exceptional Child 3
CHLD 209 Child, Family & Community 3
EDUC 135 Multicultural Education 3
Total Credit Hours 12

Note: If transferring to ISU's ECE program, completion of the Associates in Arts in addition to CHLD 102, 110, 207, 209, EDUC 135 and the completion of the ACT with a score of 22 (with writing) or the Basic Skills test is required.

The U.S. Department of Education's gainful employment regulations require disclosure of certain program information to students and prospective students. Gainful employment programs are those " that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation."
Please review the information pertaining to your certificate program by selecting your intended program at 

Early Childhood Education Questions

Contact the Social Sciences Department

Early Childhood Practitioner Partnership Program at Heartland Community College