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Heartland Community College

Enroll in HCC Courses

Welcome!! If you'd like to take a college course (on-campus or online) as a high school student, you can engage in the College NOW Campus Student (CNCS) enrollment process by reviewing the standard registration timeline, then proceed to the CNCS Enrollment Phases located in the drop-down menus below.

Standard Registration Timelines

 Term/Semester Schedule Available Registration Begins
Summer 1st Tues in February 1st Tues in March
Fall 1st Tues in March last Mon in March (priority)
Spring 1st Tues in October last Mon in October (priority)

CNCS Enrollment Phases

Every College NOW Campus Student (CNCS) must Complete 3 Phases to enroll in HCC courses (on-campus or online).  If you have already completed Phase 1 and/or 2, you do not need to complete that phase again.*More information should appear as you select each option below. If you have trouble with the drop-down menu, please try a different browser before reporting the issue to us.*

  • If you haven't already, you need to complete the College NOW student admission process.

    • Step 1: Take 10-15 minutes to complete the Heartland Application
    • Step 2: Set up your myHeartland student account as soon as you receive your welcome letter in 3 to 5 business days. Important! If you don't complete this step, you won't be able to schedule your HCC placement test or complete Phase 2 or 3.
    • Step 3: Learn about and complete placement requirements.
  • If you haven't already, complete the College NOW campus student agreement form online before submitting your course request(s).

    • You only need to do this once unless we update the agreement terms, and will need your HCC login name and password. If you are under 18 years old, your legal guardian must also submit an agreement form.
    • To remain enrolled, we must have your completed agreement on file by the tuition deadline or within 24 hours of receiving enrollment confirmation after tuition deadlines.
    • If necessary, you can access/view/download this agreement guide (pdf) for help.

                    Submit Your Student Agreement Here 

  • Make sure you have met the prerequisites listed for the courses you desire to take each semester, using the HCC schedule. Then, you can submit your course request(s).

    • You will need your HCC login name and password to complete your enrollment requests.
    • Note the course name & section number from the schedule; you will need to know those to select the HCC courses you intend to take.
    • If you are approved to earn high school credit for the HCC course(s) you take on campus/online, you will need to enter the name and email address of the high school official that can confirm your approval.
    • If necessary, you can access/view/download this course request form guide (pdf) for help.
    • An enrollment confirmation email (and/or any other necessary communications) will be sent to your myHeartland email address, which can be accessed at
    • NEW Student Orientation: Every new student should register to participate in SCED 099: Student Success Orientation prior to the start of the semester. This FREE 2.5 hour orientation helps orient students to Heartland's technology and support services. If it's your first semester at Heartland, review the HCC course schedule and be sure to select an orientation section/time to add to your course request form.

                    Submit Your Course Request Form Here

CNCS Enrollment Disclosures: 

  • Please allow 1-2 business days to process your enrollment request, all notifications regarding your enrollment status is sent to your Heartland email account.
  • Failure to be accountable to the immediate steps next following enrollment, posted in the drop down below, can lead to being dropped from your course.
  • CNCS students cannot exceed two (2) classes or eight (8) credit hours per semester.
  • Every NEW student should sign up for SCED 099: Student Success Orientation prior to the start of the semester. If you are currently enrolled and have not submitted a course request for this FREE 2.5 hour orientation to Heartland, be sure to sign up for the section that best works with your schedule by completing Phase 3.
  • Verify Your Enrollment

    • Please allow 1-2 business days to process your enrollment request.
    • An enrollment confirmation email will be sent to your myHeartland email address, which can be accessed at

    Access Your myHeartland Account

    • Go to then select: 
      • Student Center to view your course enrollment, billing information, the start/end date of your course 
      • My Classes to see more detailed information for your courses once it is made available by the instructor. (Be advised that you can also access this information at and your course will not appear in Canvas until 5 days before the class start date.)
    • For any account access or password issues, contact the IT HelpDesk at or the Student Hotline: 309-268-8380.

    Pay Your Tuition Bill 

    • View your tuition bill at Select Student Center and then View my Schedule/Bill. 
    • Payment is required to remain enrolled.
      • Students with a past due balance will be dropped from tuition-bearing HCC courses and receive a notice via your myHeartland student email address.
      • View our payment information
      • Review our tuition deadlines 
    • In-District Home-school students! You receive 50% off per credit hour; this is a manual process that could take up to 5 business days to process.  
    • COUNTRY Financial/StateFarm Scholars! Your scholarship covers your tuition bill so your total amount due will automatically be credited to your account before the bill due date. You are not in danger of being dropped from your courses.

    Questions? Concerns? 

    If you have any questions or concerns about your enrollment, we've got you covered! You may contact our Early College Team by emailing or calling 309-268-8650.

  • Do you need to change your enrollment request?

    • If you want to add a course after your initial request OR change the section of a course you are enrolled in before enrollment closes, submit the course request form below again.
                   Submit Your Course Request Form Here
    • If you are a COUNTRY Financial Scholar or State Farm Scholar who desires to drop or withdraw from a Heartland course, please email your request to by the HCC deadlines noted in the academic calendar.
    • If you are a traditional College NOW campus student who desires to drop or withdraw from a Heartland course:
      • Go to
      • Select Student Center, then enter your username and password.
      • Choose the Manage Classes option, then you should see drop classes in the left panel to continue the process. 
      • Click on the term header (ie Spring 2023) on the right to view your currently enrolled courses and select the appropriate course(s) for drop or withdrawal. 
    • Information on Refunds for courses dropped prior to the drop deadline can be found on the college's Refunds page.
  • As a College NOW student, you should be aware of academic deadlines, registration dates, and campus closures as shown below.

    • When you drop a course before the drop deadline, you will receive a refund and no "W" will appear on your HCC transcript.
    • When you withdraw from a course after the drop deadline but before the withdrawal deadline, you will not receive a refund and a "W" will appear on your HCC transcript.
    • Fall 23 Open Learning Classes abide by the 16 week session dates; the last day to enroll in an Open Learning class Nov 6. 

    Fall 2023 Reminders

    8-week (1) Aug 21 Aug 25 Sep 29 Oct 13
    8 week (2) Oct 16 Oct 20 Nov 27 Dec 11-15
    12-week (1) Aug 21 Aug 29 Oct 20 Nov 13 
    12-week (2) Sep 13 Sep 21 Nov 14  Dec 11-15
    16-week Aug 21 Sep 1 Nov 9 Dec 11-15

    Additional Dates to Remember

    • Sep 4: HCC Closed (Labor Day) 
    • Oct 30: Spring 2024 Registration Opens 
    • Nov 22-26: HCC Closed (Thanksgiving Break) 
    • Dec 24-Jan 1: HCC Closed (Winter Break) 
  • Tuition & Required Fees

    Heartland Community College tuition for credit courses is based on residency in district 540 (PDF). Some courses also carry a course-specific fee. Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice. 
    Summer/Fall 2023 tuition and required fee rates are as follows*:

    • In-district tuition - $166 per semester hour
      *In-district home-school students receive 50% off tuition. The tuition waiver is applied within 5 business days after enrollment* 
      • Out-of-district tuition - $332 per semester hour
      • Out-of-state/Out-of-country tuition - $498 per semester hour
    • Program Development & Facilities Enhancement Fee: $2 per semester hour
    • Student Life Fee: $14 per semester hour
    • Course Specific Fees: varies; noted upon course selection at  

    Standard Payment Options

    Payment arrangements must be made by the tuition due date or when you are enrolled.
    • In person at the Normal, Pontiac or Lincoln campus using cash (Normal campus only), check, money order, or credit/debit card. No fees are charged for paying with a credit/debit card in person.
    • By mail (checks only): Heartland Community College (Attn: Cashier), 1500 W. Raab Rd., Normal, IL 61761. Post-dated checks will not be accepted. Returned checks will be assessed a $30 service fee.
    • By phone by calling 309-268-8140 with a credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). No fees are charged for paying with a credit/debit card over the phone.
    • Online at my.heartland.eduProcessing fees will apply to online payments and a 2.75% transaction fee will apply to credit or debit card payments. 

    Special Notations

  • Course Content &
    Heartland courses contain college-level materials, coursework, and subject matters. Review course descriptions and prerequisites for courses you want to take. 
    Access your student account using the log-in information from your welcome letter to see important academic information (HCC emails, course schedule, make tuition payments, etc).
    College Email Use Students are expected to use their college email account for messages related their student status.
    Release of Information

    Heartland will share academic information externally with appropriate high schools or career centers; however, legal guardians must complete the HCC release of information form (FERPA) to receive student academic information.

    Academic Accommodations Students who need academic accommodations should work directly with Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS).
    HS Credit Approval Talk to your high school counselor/administrator to confirm if you can also receive high school credit for the HCC campus/online courses in your recommended plan.
    HS AP Courses Students who complete AP courses should have their score report sent directly from College Board to the HCC Records Office. Access Advanced Placement Chart (pdf).

    *If required benchmarks are not met, students must take the equivalent Heartland course to continue progressing towards degree completion.* 
    Collegiate Transcript

    Students can access their Heartland Community College transcript using instructions provided by the HCC Records Office.

    Download/print a copy of your unofficial transcript at any time by logging into your Heartland student account and follow this path:  Student Center » Academic Transcripts/Grades » View Unofficial Transcript 

    Transferability Students are advised to refer directly to the official catalog of the college or university they plan to attend and meet that institution’s requirements for a their desired area of concentration. Additional transfer resources can be found at as well as
    HCC IT
    Help Desk
    Contact our IT staff for help setting up or accessing your myHeartland account: | 309-268-8380
    Learn more about starting or continuing the pursuit of a particular degree/certificate pathway through HCC as a College NOW Plus Pipeline student.
    Student Handbook

    Students must abide by the guidelines and requirements outlined in the Student Handbook.

Need Help? 

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