Livingston Area Career Center

Criminal Justice
Dual Credit Course
CRJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice 
Early Childhood Education
Dual Credit Courses
CHLD 101: Introduction to Early Childhood 
CHLD 102: Growth and Development of the Young Child
Industrial Technology


Dual Credit Courses
CAD 101: Introduction to AutoCAD 
CAD 235: Residential Architecture 


Dual Credit Courses
MFTG 115: Manufacturing & Production Processes 
TECH 114:  Introduction to Technical Graphics 
WELD 110: Introduction to Welding Processes 
WELD 116: Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 
Information Technology
Dual Credit Courses
CSCI 101: Introduction to Computer Information Science 
NETW 121: Introduction to Networks 
NETW 122: Routing & Switching Essentials 
NETW 150: Workstation Operating Systems 
NETW 151: PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair 
NETW 160: Introduction to Networking 

Student Admission Process from May 2017 - Sep 2017

- Apply to Heartland for Fall 2017 if you are a new student OR a prior applicant who has not taken any Heartland courses. [Use this guide for help.]

- To complete your dual credit enrollment, your career center will ask you for the Student ID from your acceptance letter.