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Heartland Community College

Complete Placement Testing

Before You Proceed...

  • Placement testing is not required for HCC courses offered through our career center partners, success education courses, or most career-technical education courses.
    • If you intend to choose HCC courses to take on-campus/online, you can review course descriptions & prerequisites at
    • If you intend to choose HCC courses pre-selected by your high school, you can view course options and see placement requirements at
  • Make sure you followed the instructions from your welcome letter to set up your myHeartland account at (Contact our IT Help Desk directly if you have difficulty accessing your myHeartland account: or 309-268-8380.)
  • You may be exempt from placement testing through HCC if you have eligible ACT or College Board test scores. Click the dropdown menu below for more details! 
  • Literacy Placement

    Placement  ACT SAT PSAT
    ENGL 101/College-level English 19+ 480+ 480+

    Math Placement  

    Placement ACT SAT PSAT

    MATH 089
    CHEM 110 or 120

    17+ 470+ 500+
    MATH 099, 131, or 141 19+ 500+ 500+
    MATH 109 or 135, or TMAT 105 22+ 530+ 530+

    MATH 111, 129, or 151
    CHEM 161

    28+ 620+ N/A

    MATH 161

    N/A - ALEKS placement test required

    Submit Score Reports

    Counselors typically submit eligible score reports for students taking HCC courses at high school locations. The official score report should include the student's full name and the date of the test. 

    High school students taking courses chosen from the standard HCC course schedule should use the appropriate link below to submit eligible official score reports (we cannot accept screenshots):

    Upload Portal 1

    Normal Campus or students from:


    Upload Portal 2 Pontiac Center or students from:
    Upload Portal 3

    Lincoln Center or students from:

Make An Appointment

If the HCC course(s) you intend to take requires literacy or math placement and you do not have other eligible ACT or College Board test scores, select the location nearest you from the chart below to schedule placement testing through HCC. 

Placement Testing In-person @ our
Normal Campus
In-Person @ our
Lincoln Center
In-person @ our
Pontiac Center

*Confirmation messages for placement testing appointments are sent to your myHeartland email address. 

For questions about placement tests or appointments, contact the HCC Testing Center via email at or call 309-268-8077.

  • ACCUPlacer Literacy Placement

    Score Placement
    200-239 Placement cannot be determined by scores in this range. Retesting via a
    proctored writing sample is required. 
    240-300 ENGL 101/College-level English

    ALEKS Math Placement 

    Score Placement
    30+ MATH 131/141 if taken concurrently with 089
    CHEM 110 or 120
    37+ MATH 131/141
    MATH 109 if taken concurrently with 099
    46+ MATH 109 or MATH 135
    61+ MATH 111, 129, or 151
    CHEM 161
    76+ MATH 161
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