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Heartland Community College

Bloomington Area Career Center

Potential Heartland Courses

  • Dual Credit Options
    EMT 101: Emergency Medical Technician 
    HLTH 110: Medical Terminology
    NURS 110: Nursing Assistant (CNA) 
  • Dual Credit Options
    NETW 150: Workstation Operation Systems | 1st-year students 
    NETW 151: PC Hardware Maintenance & Repair | 1st-year students 
    NETW 160: Introduction to Networking | 2nd-year students 
    NETW 167: Windows Server Administration | 2nd-year students
  • Dual Credit Options
    DMED 101: Introduction to Digital Media | 1st-year students 

    DMED 120: Computer Imaging & Design | 2nd-year students

  • Dual Credit Option
    CNST 101: Construction Materials & Methods
  • Dual Credit Options
    WELD 116: Shielded Metal Arc Welding I 
    WELD 118: Introduction to Gas Metal Arc Welding 

For more information about the HCC courses offered through our early college partnership with BACC, you should talk with your instructor or connect with: Peggy Arbuckle | | 309-829-8671 

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