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Olympia High School

Potential Heartland Courses

General Education

IAI Fulfillment*

Literacy Requirement Math Requirement
COMM 101: Introduction to Oral Communication



ENGL 101: Critical Reading & Writing  Communication N/A
ENGL 102: Multimodal Composition  Communication N/A
HIST 136: History of the US since 1865 Social & Behavioral Science N/A
HUMA 101: Introduction to the Humanities Humanities N/A
PSY 101: Introduction to Psychology Social & Behavioral Science N/A
*The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is a statewide transfer agreement among 100+ participating colleges and universities in Illinois. Visit for more details.
Transfer Elective Literacy Requirement Math Requirement
AGRI 110: Introductory Agricultural Economics N/A
EDUC 101: Introduction to Education N/A

Your deadline to complete the admission process to take these courses during the next academic year is April 1, 2022.

After you meet the requirements, you must request enrollment in the courses you are eligible to take during the registration process at your school. Your counselor is your main point of contact for the dual credit courses offered at your school.  

You may also visit the College NOW student information webpage for help at any time!