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Heartland Community College

Tri-Valley High School

Your admission deadline for AY 23-24 dual credit courses is April 15, 2023!
Connect with your counselor for details about the process at your high school.

Potential Heartland Courses

General Education IAI Category* Literacy Requirement Math Requirement
COMM 101: Introduction to Oral Communication

iaiCom.svg Communication


ART 150: Understanding Art

iaiArt.svg Fine Art


BIOL 114: Contemporary Biology

iaiLifeScience.svg Life Science


MATH 131: Explorations in Mathematics iaiMath.svg Mathematics
MATH 141: Introduction to Statistics iaiMath.svg Mathematics
*The Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI) is a statewide agreement designed to help college credits transfer to more than 100 participating colleges and universities in Illinois.

Transfer Elective Literacy Requirement Math Requirement
AGRI 120: Introductory Horticulture N/A N/A
SCED 105: Life Success N/A N/A

Career and Technical Education Literacy Requirement Math Requirement
DMED 101: Introduction to Digital Media  N/A N/A

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