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Early Admission Process

This pathway is for students: 1) under 16, 2) not in the high school junior/senior year, and 3) not taking HCC courses through one of our early college partners.


Complete the admission process for the opportunity to take HCC courses on-campus or online:

Obtain two (2) recommendation letters from a coach, peer group leader, mentor, or teacher that address your maturity level and ability to succeed in an adult setting. 
Academic Record Obtain a current copy of your academic progress from your school that includes a list of courses taken and grades earned.
If applicable, retrieve your ACT/SAT/PSAT College Board report with eligible college-level placement scores:

Submit all required documents electronically through our secure upload portal: 

& Fees

Find information about tuition & fees here:
Payment due dates are posted here:


Download/print a copy of your unofficial transcript at any time by logging into your Heartland student account ( and follow this path:  Student Center » Academic Transcripts/Grades » View Unofficial Transcript 

Early Bird Admission Request Form

Complete the online submission form below when you have completed the applicable steps above and are ready to meet with Heartland staff about this opportunity.

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