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Heartland Community College

Early Admission Process

Welcome!! If you'd like to take a college course (on-campus or online) before you turn 16, you are considered a Heartland Early Bird, and you've come to the right landing page! Get ready to take flight by reviewing the standard registration timeline to determine which term/semester you'd like to take a course, then proceed to our Early Admissions Process (completing Phases 1-3) located in the drop-down menus below.

Standard Registration Timelines

 Term/Semester Schedule Available Registration Begins
Summer 1st Tues in February 1st Tues in March
Fall 1st Tues in March last Mon in March (priority)
Spring 1st Tues in October last Mon in October (priority)

Early Admissions Phases

The phases below apply to students under 16 years old who are interested in taking Heartland courses on-campus/online, not through our high school/career center partnerships. *More information should appear as you select each drop-down. If you have trouble with the drop-down menu, please try a different browser before reporting the issue to us.*

  • Application Preparation:

    • Set aside 10-15 minutes to complete your FREE HCC application.
    • Be sure to enter your correct social security number and high school graduation month and year during the online application process; 
    • Use an email address you check often but avoid using your high school email account if possible.
    • IMPORTANT: Choose the options below as they appear on the application.
      • Take one or more classes (You must select this for the other choices to appear.)
      • I would like to earn HCC credit while I am still in high school.
      • Choose which option describes how you will select your courses:
        • By choosing from the HCC course catalog on my own and working with a Heartland Academic Advisor.
      • Select the correct start term for the HCC courses you intend to take.

    Expect an Acceptance/Welcome Letter

    • Look for a welcome letter within 3-5 business days after you submit your application; it will be sent to the email address you enter on your application. *Be sure to check your spam/junk filter. Students with Gmail accounts should also check the Promotions folder.*
      • Application processing could take longer during high-volume times OR if an error is detected with the information entered on your application (i.e. incorrect SSN, birth date, or high school graduation date).
    • Important! Set up your myHeartland student account as soon as you receive your welcome letter. If you don't complete this step, you won't be able to enroll in courses or access your student account.
      • Reach out to our IT Helpdesk directly if you have difficulty accessing your account: or 309-268-8380. 

    Ready to Apply?!

     Check the box in the reCAPTCHA and click the blue Apply Now button below to access the application. If you do not see a blue Apply Now button below, here are a few things to try:
    • reload/refresh the webpage
    • use a different browser (ie, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, Safari)
    • clear the browser cache
  • Prepare to submit letters, academic progress, and official score report through our secure upload portal using the blue button below.  

    Upload Portal

    Upload Materials

    • Support Letters: Obtain two (2) recommendation letters from a coach, peer group leader, mentor, or teacher that address your maturity level and ability to succeed in an adult setting.
    • Academic Record: Obtain a current copy of your transcript from your school to reflect a list of courses taken and grades earned.
    • College Placement Proof: If applicable, retrieve your ACT/SAT/PSAT official score report with eligible college-level placement scores (View Benchmarks for placements.)
      • Placement testing is required for many HCC courses, but not all (i.e. success education and most career-technical education courses). 

      • No College Placement Proof? No Problem! Students can schedule a FREE literacy and math testing appointment through the HCC's Testing Office.

  • After completing the aforementioned phases, respond to the prompts below to let us know you're ready to connect with a member of our Early College Opportunities team.

Early Admission Enrollment Disclosures: 

  • Decisions for early admission and student enrollment are made on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Early admission students are limited to one (1) HCC course during their first term at HCC.
  • Every early admission student will be required to sign up for SCED 099: Student Success Orientation. This FREE 2.5 hour course helps orient students to Heartland's technology and support services.
    • In preparation for your enrollment, review the HCC course schedule and be sure to select an orientation section/time to add to your course request form.
  • The information below is for Early Birds who have been approved to enroll in a course as a College NOW Campus Student. Approval is granted after Phase 3 is completed.

    Submit Your CNCS Agreement

    If you haven't already, complete the College NOW campus student agreement form online before submitting your course request(s).

    • You only need to do this once unless we update the agreement terms, and will need your HCC login name and password. If you are under 18 years old, your legal guardian must also submit an agreement form.
    • To remain enrolled, we must have your completed agreement on file by the tuition deadline or within 24 hours of receiving enrollment confirmation after tuition deadlines.
    • If necessary, you can access/view/download this agreement guide (pdf) for help.

                    Submit Your Student Agreement Here 

    Request Your Courses

    Make sure you have met the prerequisites listed for the courses you desire to take each semester, using the HCC schedule. Then you can submit your course request.

    • You will need your HCC login name and password to complete your enrollment requests.
    • Note the course name & section number from the schedule; you will need to know those to select the HCC courses you intend to take.
    • If you are approved to earn high school credit for the HCC course(s) you take on campus/online, you will need to enter the name and email address of the high school official that can confirm your approval.
    • If necessary, you can access/view/download this course request form guide (pdf) for help.
    • An enrollment confirmation email (and/or any other necessary communications) will be sent to your myHeartland email address, which can be accessed at
    • Every early admission student will be required to sign up for SCED 099: Student Success Orientation. This FREE 2.5 hour course helps orient students to Heartland's technology and support services, be sure to review the course schedule to sign up for the SCED 099 section that best works with your schedule. 

                    Submit Your Course Request Form Here

    Please note it will may take up to 10 business days for the dean to review your enrollment request; given this, we hold your spot in the course you've requested, if you meet placement requirements. You will recieve an enrollment notice from after the dean has made a decision related to your enrollment.

  • Course Content &
    Heartland courses contain college-level materials, coursework, and subject matters. Review course descriptions and prerequisites for courses you want to take. 
    Access your student account using the log-in information from your welcome letter to see important academic information (HCC emails, course schedule, make tuition payments, etc).
    College Email Use Students are expected to use their college email account for messages related their student status.
    Release of Information

    Heartland will share academic information externally with appropriate high schools or career centers; however, legal guardians must complete the HCC release of information form (FERPA) to receive student academic information.

    Academic Accommodations Students who need academic accommodations should work directly with Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS).
    HS Credit Approval Talk to your high school counselor/administrator to confirm if you can also receive high school credit for the HCC campus/online courses in your recommended plan.
    HS AP Courses Students who complete AP courses should have their score report sent directly from College Board to the HCC Records Office. Access Advanced Placement Chart (pdf).

    *If required benchmarks are not met, students must take the equivalent Heartland course to continue progressing towards degree completion.* 
    Collegiate Transcript

    Students can access their Heartland Community College transcript using instructions provided by the HCC Records Office.

    Download/print a copy of your unofficial transcript at any time by logging into your Heartland student account and follow this path:  Student Center » Academic Transcripts/Grades » View Unofficial Transcript 

    Transferability Students are advised to refer directly to the official catalog of the college or university they plan to attend and meet that institution’s requirements for a their desired area of concentration. Additional transfer resources can be found at as well as
    HCC IT
    Help Desk
    Contact our IT staff for help setting up or accessing your myHeartland account: | 309-268-8380
    Learn more about starting or continuing the pursuit of a particular degree/certificate pathway through HCC as a College NOW Plus Pipeline student.
    Student Handbook

    Students must abide by the guidelines and requirements outlined in the Student Handbook.

Questions? Concerns? 

If you want to know more about becoming a College NOW Early Bird at any point in the admission process, we've got you covered! You may contact our Early College Team by emailing or calling 309-268-8650.

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