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Home-School Community Opportunities

Home-School students can now register for a special section of our Life Success (SCED 105) course being offering during Fall 2021!


This course will help students gain awareness of their academic, career and personal selves and facilitate development in each of these areas. Focus will be placed on gaining knowledge of each self, identifying areas of strength and those needing improvement, and mastering the tools necessary to achieve growth in these life areas.

  • This course will take place in hybrid fashion with instructional time online and in-person on HCC's Normal campus every Wednesday from 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm.
  • This course is encouraged as an early college opportunity primarily for high school juniors or seniors,  and counts as a transfer elective at most colleges/universities.
  • There are no formal prerequisites or placement testing requirements to be enrolled in this course.
NOTE: Beginning with Fall 2021 courses, home-school students who live within HCC's district will be eligible to receive a $70 per credit hour tuition award. The waiver will be applied directly to applicable students' accounts by the HCC Business Office. (You can always find the current full tuition/fee rates here and payment due dates here.)

Next Steps

  • Heartland Application

    If you have already successfully completed a Heartland application in the past, you do NOT need to reapply. Your Heartland account will remain active until you graduate from high school so you can go to the next phase of the process to submit your enrollment request(s). 

    Apply now and choose the following options on the application:

    • Take one or more classes (you must select this option for the choices below to appear)
    • I would like to earn HCC credit while I am still in high school.
    • By choosing from the HCC course catalog on my own and working with a Heartland Academic Advisor.
    • Select the correct start term for the HCC courses you intend to take at HCC or online.
    Attention: If you experience difficulty setting up or accessing your HCC student account after your application has been processed, please contact HCC IT for assistance: | 309-268-8380.
  • Enrollment Request Form 

    This SCED 105 section being offered to homeschool students is not visible on our regular campus schedule webpage. You should copy and paste SCED 105-HMS-1766 into the course request(s) section of the enrollment form.

    • If you are interested in taking additional courses, use the link to the HCC schedule provided in the course information section on the form below to search for available options.
      • Remember that placement testing is not required for SCED 105, but could be required for other courses your choose.
    • If you are under 18 years old and taking a Heartland course for the first time, the enrollment form requires a parent/legal guardian present to complete the parent/student authorization section. 

Alauna McGee, Director

Early College Opportunities  

Brittany Stokes, Associate Director

Early College Opportunities & Student Success

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