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College NOW Plus Pipeline

This path serves students who want to work towards the completion of a college certificate or degree pathway while still in high school. 

  • You could earn a college degree/certificate AND a high school diploma at the same time OR within one year of high school graduation. Yes - this means you could enter the workforce early or transfer to another college or university as a junior!
  • You can also earn high school credit for the completion of your HCC courses if approved by your high school! Yes - this could help you fulfill your high school graduation requirements early!
  • You get to work with Heartland to develop an individualized plan to complete required courses during the regular school year and summer terms. Yes - we offer many online course options that could fit within your regular school day!

Are you interested?

  • If you have not already, complete the required steps of the College NOW admission process
  • Submit the interest form below to prompt HCC to get started on a potential plan for you.
  • Talk with your counselor about your interests and discuss opportunities for dual credit.

Ready for registration?

  • You can review the HCC course schedule to review available course options according to your plan:
  • You should review the enrollment timeline listed in the chart below and submit your course request(s) in time to secure the section you want.
 Term/Semester Schedule Availability Registration Dates
Summer 1st Tues in February 1st Tues in March
Fall 1st Tues in March last Mon in March (priority)
Spring 1st Tues in October last Mon in October (priority)

Need Help?

You can send an email to or contact:

Brittany Stokes

Associate Director of Early College Opportunities & Student Success

Click here to schedule a virtual meeting or phone call.