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Heartland Community College

College NOW Plus Pipeline

Start an Academic/Career Pathway

  • Phase 1: Connect with your high school counselor to discuss your academic and career interests, then complete the online interest inventory form below to receive a Plus Plan document.
    • Or, complete the online interest inventory form if you have already been accepted into a Plus Pod/Cohort through your high school.
  • Phase 2: Review your Plus Plan document and schedule an appointment to meet with a member of our early college opportunities team to discuss more information about your pathway and Heartland course options. 
  • Early College Advising Whether you are an independent student or in a specialized cohort/plus pod you are welcome to connect with our Early College Opportunities team to discuss your degree/certificate options through HCC at any time. 
    Plus Pods
    (also called cohorts)
    Students accepted into specialized programs through your high school (i.e. computer science cohort) will also receive detailed information from the coordinator(s) at your high school about the requirements you must meet and high school/AP courses you must successfully complete.

    Be sure to complete the College NOW student admission process as soon as possible. Start here:

    myHeartland Account Make sure you use the information provided in your welcome letter to setup your myHeartland account here: 
    Course Selection

    Review your high school dual credit course page to see what HCC courses are offered at your high school location & work with your high school counselor to register for those courses: 

    Access the HCC schedule each term to review available courses from your recommended plan that are offered on-campus or online:

    HS Credit Approval Talk to your high school counselor/administrator to confirm if you can also receive high school credit for the HCC campus/online courses in your recommended plan.
    HS AP Courses Students who complete AP courses must have their score report sent directly from College Board to the HCC Records Office. Access the Advanced Placement Chart (PDF) here.*Students who do not meet required benchmarks must take the equivalent Heartland course to continue progressing towards degree completion.* 

    The grades you earn will be recorded on your unofficial and official HCC transcript. Download/print a copy of your unofficial transcript at any time by logging into your Heartland student account ( and following this path: Student Center » Academic Transcripts/Grades » View Unofficial Transcript 

  • Respond to the prompts provided below to report a change in academic/career pathway or student status from Plus Pod/Cohort to potentially becoming an independent College NOW Plus student. 


College Now Plus Scholar

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