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Business Solutions Showcase

Join us Thursday, April 21, from 8AM-12:45PM
at Heartland Community College’s
Community Commons Building for free training, lunch and then networking!

We’ll show you how to make 2022 a year of growth for your business and employees in an ever-changing landscape.

Industry experts will provide practical sessions on timely topics, including:

Resolving Difficult Situations

• Learn proven approaches to minimize the negative impact of an employee’s poor performance. Carol Burrell, an experienced learning and development professional, will teach you how to handle tough conversations with emotional intelligence and effective communication skills.

Resilience and Humor in the Workplace

• Both employees and employers face challenges and stress every day in the workplace. From feeling overworked, underpaid, or underappreciated — and exhausted finding the right work/life balance — workers at every level need to understand the value of humor, and when it's appropriate to add a little levity to a difficult day. Jennifer Keith, a certified humor professional and current president of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, will show you how the brain processes humor and how you can use it to be even more productive in the workplace.

Employee Retention in the ‘Great Resignation’

• The “Great Resignation,” with employees leaving the workplace in droves, is spurring increased employee retention efforts. Human resources expert Hannah Renner will help you view retention as an opportunity for growth and positive change, instead of a problem.


EWS class training

Data Analysis, Decision Intelligence

• Using a case study, technology expert Andy Uhe will help you turn data into information, and then turn that information into a narrative for how to use it for your business. You will use Excel tools to track data that will inform and transform business decisions.

Thrive in a Cross-Generational Workplace

• With five generations in the workplace, it’s important to know the defining characteristics of each one to make your workplace thrive. Join HCC’s Christina Schulz in going beyond the stereotypes to learn tools to get the best out of your employees through shared goals and collaboration.