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Heartland Community College

Business Solutions Showcase

Join us Thursday, April 18, from 8-11:45AM
at HCC’s Community Commons Building for free training, breakfast (with coffee!), and then networking!

Discover more ways to build, train, and retain your office dream team.  Industry experts will provide practical sessions on timely topics, including:

Unlock the Secrets of Hiring and Retaining Great Employees

 Cultivating an exceptional work environment where employees thrive begins with attracting and hiring great talent. Explore trends and current tactics for discovering and recruiting outstanding individuals. Enhance your strategies for retaining high-performing employees to elevate your organization’s success.

Make Your Workplace Policies More Inclusive

Ensure your work policies are keeping up with continuous improvements within your workplace culture. Learn how to revisit existing policies with a critical eye toward inclusion. Consider what new policies could be introduced that will improve employees’ work experience.

Breaking Barriers: Embracing Mental Wellness at Work

Uncover the hidden obstacles hindering mental health support in the workplace. Choose from a variety of recommended actions and words to avoid perpetuating stigma. Deepen your commitment to fostering a safe and supportive professional environment.

Business Showcase 2023

The Power of Gen Z: Shaping the Future of Work

Examine not only the qualities of this generation but also how Gen Zers contribute to the success of an organization. Become more aware of their workplace expectations and how to realize them. Come away with an action plan for improved connections that can be used right away.

Essential Workplace Skills Turns Five(!) and the Lasting Power of “Soft Skills”

Reflect upon the impact EWS has had on local workplaces since its launch in 2019. Discuss our community’s ongoing need for soft skills in today’s ever-changing professional landscape. Help answer the question, “Will we ever stop calling these skills ‘soft?’”