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Heartland Community College

Fundamental Supervisory Skills

Equip your supervisors to drive results that foster success.

Become an Effective Supervisor

Equip your supervisors with fundamental tools, strategies, and action plans that build their confidence and effectiveness. In this series, participants will learn how to better support direct reports and guide day-to-day team efforts, while pursuing big-picture organizational goals. The essential know-how gained through these sessions will help prepare supervisors to drive results that foster overall success.

FSS Workshops

Earn 3.0 PD or CEU hours for each completed FSS session. 

  • Supervisors are uniquely positioned in the organization. In this session, explore the role of supervisor and better understand where authority begins and ends. Reflect upon and grow your influence in order to empower your direct reports to take personal responsibility for their task completion. Gain new perspectives on coaching, motivation, and accountability. Leave with greater confidence in your supervisory style and more comfortable in your link between the frontline and management.

  • Take the guesswork out of employee performance. In this session, learn how to set clear expectations for your employees without micromanaging. Adapt approaches to assigning work, delegating, and being inclusive, to allow employees to take more ownership and show their capability. Build trust in employees’ ability to work remotely or with little direct oversight. Draft a personalized action plan to use on the job to successfully oversee employees and recognize their accomplishments.

  • Supervisors’ words have a powerful effect in the workplace. In this session, grow more intentional about what you say and how to ensure feedback is linked to action. Reevaluate your approach to new hire and employee evaluations to prevent missing coaching and relationship-building opportunities. Recognize the value of ongoing and transparent communication about employees’ strengths, areas for improvement, and roles. Leave with both a mindset and model to consistently reinforce positives and address gaps to overcome.

  • Supervision isn’t always easy. In this session, explore approaches to difficult situations, including conflicts with employees and customers. Recognize contributors to poor communication, performance, and service. Learn how to respond appropriately while taking advantage of an opportunity to build employees’ skills. Understand when and how to involve management. Walk away with a toolbox for helping the frontline resolve challenges and preserve relationships.

  • As an organizational go-between, supervisors have to monitor changes at both employee and management levels. In this session, strengthen resilience to change. Understand how to better support your team as new expectations, targets, or realities come its way. Expand on the concept of “growth mindset,” so change is positioned as an opportunity, not a threat. Learn steps to take when introducing and implementing change, and know what data to monitor for reporting progress. Leave with greater readiness to lend a steady hand when the work environment is in flux.

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Open Enrollment Sessions

Open-enrollment sessions are three hours. They can be taken in any order, either individually or as a series for maximum benefit. Participants will collaborate with fellow supervisors across a variety of industries and organizations through small group activities, role-playing scenarios, and discussions for an interactive, engaging learning experience. Leave with tools and action plans for immediate integration on the job. 

Customized Sessions

We can offer your organization a customized FSS training when and where you need it. Sequence of topics, length of each session, and follow-up plans reflect supervisory needs and organizational priorities. Learning activities parallel those of open-enrollment, except participants will learn alongside peers, reinforcing internal relationships and approaches. 

  • Call Christina Schulz at (309) 268-8173 or fill out the form below.