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Heartland Community College

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Restore Heartland: College Pandemic Transition Plan

Heartland Community College has developed COVID-19 recovery transition operations in accordance with guidance from the Illinois Office of the Governor.

Employees, students, or visitors must adhere to the College Standards of Care & Courtesy if they are at campus facilities during our current phase of operations.

Read Standard of Care & Courtesy

Reporting Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Students and employees who have been exposed to COVID-19, have symptoms, or a confirmed case are asked to report their condition to the College. 


Privacy: For campus safety Heartland Community College engages in on-campus contact tracing. Any information gathered by contact tracers is confidential and any public notifications made will not include  personal identifiable information. 

Heartland Community College Case Tracking Information

COVID-19 confirmed cases Most Recent Week (Sept 3-9, 2022) Cumulative (since Aug. 10, 2020)
Students* 8 563
Employees 1 211
Total 9 774
Table updated on Sept 12, 2022

* indicates only individuals who have classes, activities, or work on-site at Heartland Community College facilities. Online learners are not tracked in this table, but are advised to report above if they test positive, to follow self-isolation practices, and are not to use on-campus services while ill.

Information for Students 

The College is committed to supporting students as we navigate recovery from the pandemic.

The Student Information page contains information on connecting with instructors, College services and operations, as well as health and safety.

Information for the Community

For the latest information on Continuing Education (CE) programs including kids@heartland, personal enrichment, professional development, Truck Driver Training, and Traffic Safety School, please visit the CE Program Update page.

Information for Employees 

Our staff is instrumental in meeting the challenge presented by COVID-19.

The Employee Information page contains information for the College to help maintain a high level of instruction and a safe and healthy work environment. Employee support information is also linked from this page.