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Heartland Community College

Coronavirus Information for Employees

Heartland Community College operations are aligned with state guidelines for educational institutions to support pandemic recovery. Employees must adhere to health safety procedures while on campus. 

COVID-19 Case or Exposure

  • Employees should report a COVID-19 case or exposure to the College. 
  • After reporting a COVID-19 case or exposure, a contact tracer will reach out to the employee and provide direction on reporting and/or returning to work on campus based upon current Isolation and Quarantine Guidance.
  • In some situations, the employee (in consultation with their supervisor) may determine there is some work that could be performed remotely while managing a COVID-19 related situation. 

COVID-19 Testing

Employee and Supervisor Guidance

  • COVID-19 situations are treated case-by-case and the guidance can change for each situation. It is important for employees to report a COVID-19 case or exposure so that Human Resources can provide individualized guidance and support for the employee’s situation.
  • Employees and supervisors should contact Human Resources if they are unsure of how to navigate a COVID-19 related situation.