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Online Learning Support

Spring 22 Classes

As we navigate the current COVID-19 surge, some Heartland Community College courses will operate online. 

If you are a student, instructors will contact you via your Heartland email or through your classes in Canvas with details about how class course content is being delivered, and the duration of this format.

All College offices and services will remain open during this time and students whose classes are remote may come to campus to access Wi-Fi, log-in to courses, and have quiet places to learn/study. 

Canvas Login

Student are able to quickly login on a web browser at

Canvas Help

Students have Canvas 100 Orientation and Support that is designed to help you learn how to navigate and use the learning management system. Canvas Student Guide to answer many how-to questions.

If students need additional Canvas assistance, you can reach out to the 24/7 Canvas support by Chat or by calling the Canvas Support Hotline (Student) at: (309) 271-7195.

IT Helpdesk at 309-268-8350 or email:

Enable Canvas Notifications

With all of your classes online in Canvas, it’s important to make sure your Canvas notification settings are properly configured. You can receive notifications by email, text message, or Canvas Student app push notifications, or a combination of all three. Be sure to add any additional contact methods to guarantee your preferred contact method is linked to your Heartland account.

Canvas App

Download the Canvas Student App on Your Mobile Device Access your courses on the go with the Canvas Student mobile app. Available on both Android and iOS.

Ability to download Canvas course content and view offline

This will allow students to download Canvas course content when connected to WiFi or internet connection and then open Canvas later as offline. This will be a great benefit for those that do not have WiFi at home or potentially a weak WiFi signal. Instructions Here


Note: Students that are invited to Zoom meetings may always participate without being individually activated or having gone through the account confirmation process.

All students and faculty now have Zoom professional status accounts enabled. Simply go to and click "Sign In" to confirm that your account has been allocated. This will enable you to schedule and host Zoom meetings. Zoom is an easy-to-use product that can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop or mobile device (recommended) or students can also use Zoom on the web. Many of the instructors will share their own personal Zoom links with students so that students are able to join the instructor live online.

For any Zoom account related issues or struggles with activation contact the IT Helpdesk at 309-268-8350 or email:

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is offered through email as well as through live tutoring sessions using Zoom. Please check out the Tutoring Center page or contact Tutoring Services at

Student Access and Accommodation Services

If you have been impacted by the Coronavirus due to illness and/or self-quarantining, please complete this form. If you are reporting missing classes, you will not need to do anything further. If you indicate a need for an accommodation due to changes in your class environment, Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS) will reach out after receiving your form. You can also email SAAS at

Online Counseling

All of Heartland counselors are equipped to distance counsel. Current clients are being contacted directly. New clients can complete the online intake form and will be contacted as soon as possible. Emergency counseling should contact the hotline 309-827-4005. All interactions between students and counselors are strictly confidential and are not subject to disclosure without a student's written permission.

Academic Advising

Academic Advising Virtual advising is available, email your current Advisor OR email directly for immediate questions