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Heartland Community College


The cost of attending the HALO Program each semester depends on the type of courses in which the student enrolls.

  • Tuition for HALO courses is $200 per credit hour, which includes all instructional materials.
    HALO-specific courses include HALO Core, Work-Based Training, and HALO Elective courses.
  • Tuition for non-HALO courses vary according to the type of course, but generally do not include cost of instructional materials.
    Non-HALO courses include audit, credit, and developmental courses.

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Student Access and Accommodation Services

SCB, Room 1415
Phone: 309-268-8259
Fax: 309-268-7877

Kori Folkerts

Assistant Director,
Student Access and Accommodation Services
Phone: 309-268-8251