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Committee for Global Education

International Education Statement

Heartland has a stated commitment to promote International Education and serve as a resource to unique and innovative learning opportunities for our community. Towards that end, and in recognition of the significant and lasting positive impact that a global perspective can bring, Heartland encourages expanding the international perspective to both students and faculty through memberships in the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP), through whom students can study abroad, and faculty can gain valuable professional development.

Furthermore, Heartland welcomes many international students to our community through International Programs. Please refer to or call 309-268-8043 for more information.

Committee for Global Education

The Committee for Global Education (CGE) is the advisory body to the International Programs office tasked with reviewing matters related to international curriculum and programs. The goal of this committee is to provide a coordinating body in order to facilitate connections and dialog across departments and programs in regards to international initiatives and global education.


To facilitate the internationalization of Heartland Community College:  

  • Internationalize curriculum. 
    • Develop and promote curriculum that includes global perspectives. 
    • Provide resources and training opportunities for faculty & staff 
  • Internationalize physical space. 
    • Promote international perspectives/aesthetics in visual spaces around campus (art, displays, flags, news, etc)  
  • Promote global awareness and global perspectives among the campus community. 
    • Support access for international students
    • Support students from diverse identities & backgrounds 
    • Support participation in a variety of diverse organizations & partnerships. 
    • Promote activities and available resources 
  • Facilitate and expand student experiences abroad 
    • leverage existing external international partnerships  
    • Encourage new collaborations


Students will become globally aware and competent citizens:  

  • Cultivate global perspectives 
    • Develop knowledge of basic geography, history, and similarities and differences among diverse cultures. 
    • Maintain a knowledge of worldwide current events 
  • Develop a self-awareness of place in world 
    • Recognize and respectfully respond to different cultures 
      • Recognize cultural basis of self & identity  
    • Recognize how societies/cultures depend on each other in areas such as  
      • Art & education  
      • Environment & history 
      • Health & security  
      • Political systems  
      • World economies
  • Foster intentional cross cultural interactions  
    • Demonstrate appreciation for differences / diversity  
    • Encourage willingness to learn about differences/diversity 


Gavin Lee (Co-chair)
Associate Director of International Programs
Student Success
Department Phone: 309-268-8026 

Zach Petrea (Co-chair)
Professor of English
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Phone: 309-268-8613

Jeremy Bachelor
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department Phone: 309-268-8620

Wayne Bass
Instructor of Humanities
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department Phone: 309-268-8620

Sara Bourque
Academic Advisor
Department Phone: 309-268-8033

Sanae Ferrier
Adjunct Instructor
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department Phone: 309-268-8620

Paul Folger
Professor of Political Science
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department Phone: 309-268-8590

Shamelle Grabill
Tutoring Facilitator 
Tutoring Services
Department Phone: 309-268-8242

Jill Harper
Information Services Librarian
Student Success
Department Phone: 309-268-8292

Janice Malak
Professor of Sociology
Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Department Phone: 309-268-8590

Christopher Miller
Professor of Industrial Technology
STEM and Business
Department Phone: 309-268-8860

Tammy Truitt-Simeone
Adjunct Instructor
Student Success
Department Phone: 309-268-8153

Contact Us

International Programs Office

Phone: 309-268-8043

Gavin Lee

Associate Director of International Programs
Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)
Responsible Officer (RO)
Phone: 309-268-8043

Zach Petrea

Study Abroad Coordinator
ICISP Representative
Phone: 309-268-8613