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Heartland Community College


The Testing Center is open for appointments.

Ways to schedule:

  1. Through your myHeartland account on the Appointments tab 
  2. Email 
  3. Call 217-735-1731 during business hours, or leave a message with your name and call back number
  • Fulfill placement testing requirements for new Heartland students. 

    All new students must complete a literacy and math placement test, if they do not have qualifying scores to waive testing. 

    1. Submit an HCC application. 
    2. Determine if you can waive your placement test based on previous transcripts, high school GPA, or an ACT/SAT score report. 
    3. If your ACT/(P)SAT scores are less than 3 years old, please send a copy of your score report or high school transcript to so we can determine what tests you need. 
    4. Make an appointment for your exams. Tests can be taken at any HCC location in Lincoln, Normal or Pontiac. 

    Heartland uses ACCUPLACER for literacy and ALEKS for math placement testing. Learn more about the tests and how you can prepare ahead of time. 

  • High school students can take the required placement tests for dual credit courses at Heartland in Lincoln.

    • Determine which HCC courses will be offered at your high school and which ones you'd like to take.  
    • Submit any PSAT/SAT/ACT scores to see if you are waived from testing. 
    • Heartland uses ACCUPLACER® for literacy placement tests and ALEKS for math tests. These are done on a computer and help determine your dual-credit course eligibility. 

    Schedule an appointment at our Testing Center. 

  • Work with your instructor to take a make-up exam, or take a test for your online or hybrid course. 

    1. We can administer exams at the request of the instructor. 
    2. Make sure your instructor knows you plan to take the exam in Lincoln and that the Testing Center has availabe hours prior to the instructor's deadline.
    3. You should know your course and instructor's name to sign-in for testing. 
  • Place into high level courses and earn college credit through examination. 

    1. Additional placement exams are available for BIOL 99, CHEM 99, CSCI 101 and MATH 161.  If you successfully complete these exams, you can waive the prerequisite requirement and enroll in higher-level courses. 
    2. Other proficiency exams could give you Advanced Placement or earned credit by completing them. 
    3. For details on all the exams available, visit the main Testing Center page.
  • Schedule a proctored exam at the Lincoln Testing Center. 

    1. Our Testing Center is available to community members who wish to have a test proctored, including those in open learning and distance learning (online) programs. 
    2. Additional fees may apply if a test is from a non-Heartland institution. 
    3. Appointments required and must be requested from the instructor or institution responsible for the exam.  
    Proctored by another institution  No cost  /
    GED  $120 for all exams (4) GED website at time of registration 
    Accuplacer Literacy (non-Heartland)  $25 Card or Check at time of appointment 

Hours of Operation

Summer 2024 Hours
Monday through Thursday:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Testing Center Hours

Monday through Thursday:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Contact Us

HCC Lincoln
2201 Woodlawn Rd.
Lincoln, IL 62656
Phone: 217-735-1731
Fax: 217-735-1352 

Jennifer Kirby

Director, HCC Lincoln 
Phone: 309-268-8971

Kelsi Edwards

Associate Director, HCC Lincoln
Advisor, HCC Lincoln
Phone: 309-268-8973

Karen Martinez

Program Coordinator, HCC Lincoln
Phone: 309-268-8974