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Heartland Community College Plans to Invest in Lincoln Campus

November 21, 2017

The Heartland Community College Board of Trustees voted to move forward with plans to invest in the College’s Lincoln campus. Plans include expanded programming and a new location at 2201 Woodlawn, Rd. in Lincoln.

The new facility will replace the current Lincoln Center and will allow Heartland to grow programmatic offerings including certified nursing assistant (CNA), agriculture, continuing education and adult education.

“We’ve met with a lot of community leaders and organizations in the area,” says Kristi Powell, associate director of the Heartland Lincoln Center. “With the expansion of St. Clara’s manor and an aging population, there’s high demand for CNAs. Plus, several businesses in Logan County are ag-based. If we’re going to stay true to our commitment of being a community resource, we need to ensure we’re meeting employer needs.”

In addition to program growth, the new facility will create a much better learning environment and increase accommodations for parking.

“A new location will provide more functional space for additional classrooms that accommodate more interactive learning as well as study and socialization areas,” adds Powell. “We want to have the look and feel of a college campus so students have a sense of pride and strong affiliation to their school.”

Heartland leadership is enthusiastic about the investment and anticipates it will pay dividends in Logan County. “Community college students typically stay in the area upon completion of their degree or certificate,” said HCC President Rob Widmer. “By expanding programs that meet student and community needs, we’re likely to see increased enrollment, successful completion and a positive return on investment in Logan County.”

Written by: Timothy Bill