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HCC students showcase research at Honors Council Illinois Region symposium

March 1, 2021

Heartland Community College students showcased their academic research at the Illinois State University co-hosted virtual honors student research symposium on Saturday, February 27, 2021. 

Sponsored by the Honors Council Illinois Region (HCIR), the symposium drew around 100 honors students from colleges and universities across the state who had the opportunity to discuss and receive feedback on their academic research, providing them with robust learning and professional experience. 

Heartland Honors Students and their research topics: 

Amari Akins: Behind Open Arms: An Exploration of How Cults Operate
Cassandra Bean: 100% Renewable Energy in the U.S.
Anna Everett: The Rise of Designer Babies: Is It Morally Right?
Carly Fisher: Impact of Fast Fashion
Mya Gramm: Adoption: Why is It Such an Expensive Option?
Elias Harris Bommarito: Music and the Mind
Johnny Martinez: The New Direction of Filmmaking in the Digital Age
DeAnna Moodie: Our Food Today: Where Does It Come From and How Does It Grow?
Susan Namboodiri: The Karens: Collision at the Intersection of Race, Class, Age, and Gender
Jacquelyn Summers: Exploration of Code-Switching
Adriel Vega: Advantages to Electric Vehicles

All the participating students’ visual presentations can be viewed at

Heartland’s Honors Program offers students the opportunity to develop their scholarship, leadership and service skills through specialized seminars and engagement in individualized readings and research. 

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Written by: Steve Fast