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Summer 2021 Phi Theta Kappa

September 2, 2021

Phi Theta Kappa has welcomed a new group of Heartland Community College students into the organization’s membership. Thirty-five Heartland students have been named to the international two-year college honor society.

Membership to Phi Theta Kappa is offered to students if they have completed at least 12 credit hours with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher. Students involved in the organization are afforded unique leadership, service, scholarship, and fellowship opportunities.

Congratuations to the following students who accepted membership into the Alpha Omega Xi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Heartland Community College in the Summer 2021 semester.


Amber Buck
Makayla Carlson
Kelaia Claveria
Alison Eagleton
Lisa Fite
Lynnsey Friend
Daniel Griner
Jonas Hageman
Christian Haney
Krista Harris
Emily Hunter
Kaitlyn Johns
Jennifer Juhl
Brad Kapraun
Edith Laguna
Paige Leverton
Jenny Lin
William Linley
Emmanuel Lopez
Lydia Lyons
Delmy Martinez
Amelia Miller
Andrea Mizell
Lindsey Mullen
Tucker Nance
Benda Nurceski
Jody Parks
Noah Penry
Lauren Shively
Brittany Simeroth
Mechele Sisk
Emily Vaughan
Darlease Watts
Alisa Wright
Dax Yosten
Emily Hendren
Stephanie Hohulin
Samuel Knappenburger
Sophia Lindenfelser
Alyssa Martin
Ashton Melchers
Abigail Melvin
Alexiramar Olvera
Alyssa Roll
Kaitlyn Scott
Amanda Sims
Brittany Trent
Jennifer Wilfong
William Yergler
Daniel Zozzaro

More information on Phi Theta Kappa can be found at:

Written by: Steve Fast