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Heartland Community College

Password Policy

A password policy is helpful for protecting passwords and making them more difficult to guess.

We enforce certain requirements when you select a password. The purpose of your password is to help ensure that the person logging in is actually you.

Requirement Rule
Length Minimum of eight characters.
Complexity Your password must be at least eight characters, at least one upper case letter, at least one lower case letter, and at least one number. Also, your password cannot not include your Full Name or Login Name.
History You may not reuse previous HCC passwords.
Login Attempts A user is allowed six login attempts. Each time a user tries to login with an incorrect password, a "login attempt" will be used. If a user tries to login six times and fails each time, the user account will be locked.
Secrecy Never give out your password. Sharing Passwords is NOT PERMISSIBLE. Heartland staff will never ask for your password.

First-Time Login

  1. Create a password
  2. Secure your account with security questions

You won't be able to recover your account unless you set answers for your security questions.