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Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) Fund (Application is closed)

Heartland Community College has been allocated close to $300,000 in GEER Funds to combat declining underrepresented student enrollment and support low income, first generation or racial/ethnic minority students who are experiencing challenges starting or continuing their enrollment at the College due to Covid-related issues.


Title IV eligible, Low income, racial/ethnic minority, or First generation College students who demonstrate a Covid-related need that can be assisted with GEER Funds. This includes:

  1. New students in Fall20 or SP21 who need support for tuition and books
  2. New students in Fall20 or SP21 who need technology to assist with their learning  
  3. Continuing or Returning students who have debt from SP20/SU20 and need assistance to pay tuition
  4. Continuing or Returning students who need tuition/book support

Examples of expenses eligible for GEER Funds:

  1. Tuition and Fees Assistance
  2. Textbooks
  3. Debt Reconciliation from SP20 and SU20 terms
  4. Technology (Computer, Printer, Internet, Software)
  5. Childcare

The College cannot allocate GEER Funds to support transportation or living expenses (rent, food, gas, utilities).

Additional Items to Note

  • Due to the fact that limited funding is available, requests made for expenses beyond the Fall 2021 semester will not be considered
  • Students may only receive funds one time via this application
  • Funds awarded do not need to be repaid and will not be subject to federal taxes
  • Funds awarded will be applied to tuition, bookstore book and technology charges and direct reimbursements for child care expenses.

Additional Student Services/Supports

GEER-funded applicants will be assigned a success coach and/or peer tutor who will work with them to lay out a plan for their first semester, which might include enrollment in one of the college’s Success Education courses, routine check-ins with their assigned coach/mentor, participation in the College’s TRIO funded Project Rise program.

Application Process (Application is closed)

GEER funds are currently available. To apply, complete and submit the application linked below.  Applications will be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office. Decisions will be communicated to students via email within 5 business days of submission. Please contact the Financial Aid office at for additional guidance.


Please contact a Success Coach at for more information.