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Look who is making things happen.

Hawk Imani Sanchez finds her wings at Heartland

For some students, Heartland becomes so much more than a place to take classes. For Imani Sanchez, Heartland became a place that would offer lifelong peer and mentoring relationships, a chance to give back to the community, career preparation and success, and overall fulfillment in her purpose.

Upon getting involved in Phi Beta Lambda (PBL), Imani was put in charge of spear-heading one of their major initiatives—the Suit Up Closet campaign. Located in the library, the Suit Up closet is a place where anyone (inside the college or out) can donate business casual and business professional clothing. Heartland students can visit the closet at any time to choose an outfit in preparation for an interview or job. The mission is to give away free professional clothing to those who might otherwise not have the ability to afford it. Under Imani’s leadership, the closet is expanding to include scrubs or athletic-type clothing for those professions that require a uniform outside of the typical office look.

“I know that this resource is helping people. People have told me ‘I got a new job!’ or ‘I got the interview!’ Other people are gaining success, achieving their goals, and getting to where they want to be because of the closet. That sense of satisfaction that I’m involved in helping someone find success feels so good for me.”

Imani looks forward to another year running the closet, hoping to spread the word to students and continue serving the Heartland community in a unique way.

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If you are interested in going into Business or may be thinking about starting your own business someday, you should be a member of Phi Beta Lambda (PBL). PBL is a business organization that brings business and education together through career development and leadership programs. We have an active membership with supportive business partners within the Bloomington/Normal Community. These business partners regularly speak at PBL monthly meetings.

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