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Early planning is key to your future success!

Transfer Tips

  • Find the right fit for you! Think about what is important to you in a transfer school. Do you want to go to a public or private institution? What size school do you envision? Where is it located? What activities or support services are you interested in? How diverse is the campus? What's the graduation rate? Make a pros and cons list for each school and assess what would be best for you.
  • Look at the majors they offer. Does the school have the major you want? What is the GPA requirement for general admission and into your major? Are there course requirements and recommendations for your major?
  • Attend transfer events here at HCC. Many transfer schools visit Heartland each semester; this is a great opportunity to speak to a real person who is a representative of a college or university you might be interested in.
  • Research cost and scholarship availability. Keep track of scholarship application deadlines.
  • Visit the school! There is nothing like visiting the campus to get a feel for if it's right for you. Request a tour, sit in on a class, meet with the faculty and staff within your major, or even plan an overnight stay on campus. Even if your transfer college or university is in the town where you grew up, it is smart to visit the campus!
  • Take note of when the application opens and what the deadline to apply might be. Is it rolling admission (first come, first served)? What is the hard deadline? When can you expect to hear that you've been admitted? Applying early is a good rule of thumb!
  • Meet with your academic advisor here at HCC once a semester to make sure you're making progress and fulfilling any required and recommended courses for your major.
  • Apply one year in advance to the school(s) of your choice. The application for transfer typically begins one year out. Plan ahead!
  • Send your HCC transcripts. You'll have to send transcripts a couple of times; one with your application and an updated transcript after you've completed your degree at Heartland.

Transfer Resources 

Here are some helpful websites to assist you during the transfer process.

Transferology - see how your courses will transfer to another college or university
College Fish - search here for your best-fit transfer options
CollegeTransfer.Net - research the transfer process based upon your course history

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