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Heartland Community College Testing Services

Testing Services at Heartland provides a secure testing environment for students who are enrolled in online, hybrid, and other distance learning courses; have a documented disability; or need to take a make-up exam.

What can Heartland Testing Services offer me?

Heartland students who need to make up a test or need special accommodations during a test can make arrangements with their instructors to take the test through Testing Services. Students with documented disabilities must contact Disability Support Services to receive testing accommodations.

How are Testing Services available to me?

Testing Services for students are available through the referral of an instructor. Students should work with their instructors to take exams through Testing Services.

Do I need to be a student to take advantage of the Testing Services?

Testing Services is available to all community members who wish to have a test proctored, including those in open learning and distance learning programs. To set up a proctored test, contact Testing Services. Additional fees may apply if the test being proctored is from a non-Heartland institution - please see Testing Services' fee procedure policy* (available in PDF format, 16 KB, 1 page).

*Note: You must download and install Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ in order to view and print the Testing Service's fee procedure policy.