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STEM Virtual Experiences

Join us on a Virtual Mission to test your STEM skills!


About your Virtual Mission

Are your students ready to embark on a space odyssey and join the ranks of NASA's elite? Prepare for liftoff and grab your seat for an unforgettable virtual space adventure!

Put your STEM skills to the test in this live, virtual space mission, where your students will step into the boots of a NASA astronaut and work together to complete mission tasks in an allotted time. Join from any device to connect with our Mission Commander live at Challenger Learning Center and use teamwork, critical thinking, and STEM to achieve mission success!

Your students will gain STEM confidence as they move through the learner-friendly materials and interact with CLC STEM educators during to:

  • Discuss, analyze, and share their results, exactly like the experts at NASA.
  • Complete simulated training like NASA astronauts

CLC Science2 2023CLC Science3 2023

  • Researchers are ready to return to the Moon to explore its surface and establish a second habitat for astronauts to live and work. To get there, your students will work in teams to launch and fly Blue Origin’s reusable launch vehicle New Glenn into orbit; safely land Blue Origin’s lunar lander Blue Moon on the lunar surface; and prepare to explore the Moon’s surface. While in orbit, students will monitor potentially dangerous space weather and space debris, conduct safety checks on the spacecraft systems, deploy and monitor satellites, and launch payloads. With the journey underway, your students in Mission Control learn there’s an emergency on the original lunar habitat. Students collaborate with another crew to problem-solve and troubleshoot the emergency. Will the crews solve the urgent issue? A successful mission depends on it.

  • Researchers are ready to explore Mars, but there’s one problem — more than 40 million miles separate Earth from the Red Planet. This distance makes it impossible to travel back and forth between the two planets. We need to build a base on one of the Mars’s moons, Deimos or Phobos. Students will work in teams to select which moon is best to build their base by analyzing three sets of data collected by rovers on Deimos and Phobos. Teams will make crucial decisions that can impact mission success and crew safety along the way in deciding the future of NASA’s Mars Research Base.

  • Cost per classroom of 30 students: $99 which includes a 1-hour live session (can adjust for class period)

  • Teachers will use Zoom to cast our Mission Commander into their classroom, to a projector or smartboard where your whole class can see and hear them.

    Students will share a tablet or device with a partner to access a learning platform to carry out a simulated space mission.

    Our team will work with you in advance of the experiences to make sure all your tech is mission ready!

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    Step 2: Our team will be in touch to complete the booking process!

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