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Heartland Community College

STEM Virtual Experiences

Join us for a STEM EDventure from any location!

About the interactive series

This STEM EDventure includes two 1-hour sessions of fully prepared, hands-on, virtual experiences for your students.

Each experience carefully integrates Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The crew at the Challenger Learning Center has done all the preparation, from creating the curriculum, to building individual student activity kits that get delivered right to your school!

Your students will gain STEM confidence as they move through the learner-friendly materials and interact with CLC STEM educators during the two live sessions to:

  • Make hypotheses and perform an experiment using the individual, pre-assembled activity kits.
  • Discuss, analyze, and share their results, exactly like the experts at NASA.
  • Complete simulated training like NASA astronauts
CLC Science2 2023CLC Science3 2023
  • How things work in space is very different than here on Earth. In this engineering challenge, your students will start by constructing a basic paper helicopter using the materials provided in the activity kits. Then they’ll find ways to make it spin faster to compensate for the lack of gases on Mars.

  • Students' next STEM challenge will be investigating, analyzing data, and determining where to build a Mars base on either of its moons (Deimos or Phobos). Having a suitable location will allow NASA to send a spacecraft to the surface of the Red Planet and back swiftly and safely, so a lot rests on this decision.

  • Cost per classroom of 30 students: $295


    • 2 hours of live programming with Challenger's STEM educators
    • Pre-made kits with all the materials and handouts you need
  • The experience is broken up into two, live sessions. In both, teachers will use Zoom to cast our STEM educator into their classroom, to a projector or smartboard where your whole class can see and hear us.

    In the second live session, students will share a tablet or device with a partner to access a learning platform to carry out a simulated space mission.

    Our team will work with you in advance of the experiences to see if all your tech is mission ready!

  • Step 1: Complete the booking intake form below. 

    Step 2: Our team will be in touch to complete the booking process!

    Questions? Contact us! 

    • (309) 268-8700