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Records Office

From admission through graduation, the Records Office manages your academic records and our goal is to provide quality service to students and staff.  In addition, we also process official transcript requests, conduct graduation audits, award degrees, evalute transfer credit, process enrollment verifications and make changes to your program of study.

Transcript Processing

Enrollment Verification

Plan of Study Change

  • Submit the Program Change form. You will need to enter your Username and Password to access the form.  Be aware, there are deadlines for submitting the form for each term.

Graduation Application

  • You MUST complete a Graduation Application for each degree or certificate you intend to complete.  The application is found on the Academic Progress tile in your IRIS-Student Center.  For more information regarding the application and the commencement ceremony, check out the Graduation webpage.

Releasing and Protecting Your Educational Records

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) protects your educational reocrds.  It requires your written consent before protected information can be disseminated.  Also, it allows you to prevent the College from sharing Directory Information without your consent.  Click here for additional information and forms.  

Private Mental Health Information

Heartland is required to share with you the Optional Disclosure of Private Mental Health Information.  You have the option to designate a contact person to whom the College my disclose certain private mental health information.  For more information, visit the Optional Health Information Disclosure webpage. 

Updating Personal Information

The Records Office wants to be certain we have your mot up-to-date information.  You can update much of your student information using the Profile tile in your IRIS-Student Center - just follow the steps outlined below.

  • It is your responsibility as a student to notify the College of any change in address.

    1. Go to the myHeartland page
    2. Click the Student Center button
    3. Enter your login name and password
    4. Click the Profile tile
    5. Click the Addresses link and update your information

    Note: Only your mailing address can be updated through your Student Center.  You MUST change your permanent address in the Admissions Office (CCB 1000) by submitting either a driver's license, state ID or property tax bill.

  • Heartland recognizes many students use a preferred name rather than their legal name.  Therefore, students are encouraged to identify themselves within the College’s information system with a preferred first name in addition to their legal name. 

    Your preferred first name must meet the following requirements:

    • Name contains only alphabetic characters
    • Name does not contain foul or inappropriate language as deemed by the College
    • Name is not used for purposes of misrepresentation

    Students may provide a preferred first name at the time of application or at any time during enrollment. The College acknowledges a preferred name will be used whenever possible in the course of College business.  Preferred names will be deleted if they do not meet the requirements identified above.

    Also, it is understood the preferred student’s name will be used for the following college records:

    • Heartland ID card
    • Learning management system
    • Class and grade rosters
    • Student Self Service
    • Library information system

    Further, the College stipulates the following exceptions to the use of preferred names.  A student’s legal name must be used for:

    • Admission applications
    • Reporting to state and federal agencies
    • Official and unofficial transcripts
    • Financial aid documents and processes
    • Enrollment and degree verification processes
    • Transfer and external credit processes
    • Official lists of students made available to the public
    • For communications with parents/legal guardians
    • Records where the legal name is required by law or College policy
    • Employment documents
    • Tax records
    • Student Billing

    Below are the steps to add a preferred first name:

    1. Go to the myHeartland page
    2. Click the Student Center button
    3. Enter your login name and password
    4. Click the Profile tile
    5. Click the Personal Details link
    6. Click the + Sign and enter your preferred first name
    1. Go to the myHeartland page
    2. Click the Student Center button
    3. Enter your login name and password
    4. Click the Contact Details link to update your phone number
    5. Click the Emergency Contacts link to update contact information

Contact Records

CCB 1600
Phone: 309-268-8071
Fax: 309-268-7992

Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.