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Personal Safety

We are committed to a safe and secure environment for all students, employees and visitors.

In an EMERGENCY, call "911" immediately. In non-emergency situations, contact Safety and Security Services at 309-268-8300 to report an incident or safety hazard.

*Includes college crime statistics

Sexual Misconduct

Learn more about preventing and responding to sexual misconduct and how you might be able to use confidential reporting.

Survivors start here Report a sexual misconduct incident online

Emergency Alerts

The HCCAlerts text messaging service sends emergency information to your mobile device. 

To receive emergency messages text JOIN to 1-877-200-7477. 

Text STOP to 1-877-200-7477 to opt out of the emergency text message service. You will receive a confirmation text. 

This is a voluntary text messaging service that delivers information about on-campus emergencies. HCC will only send text alerts when there is a serious safety concern affecting campus - including any campus closures due to severe weather. 

Access Alerts 

You can also text JOIN ACCESS to 1-877-200-7477 to receive text notification alerts for temporary interferences to campus access. With access alerts, you will receive texts about concerns such as elevator repairs, blocked stairs or sidewalks and closed entries or parking areas 

HCC does not charge a fee for this service. Review your particular mobile device's texting or data plan for service details specific to your account. HCC will not share your phone number or mobile information with any other organizations. 

To view the College’s policies on emergency messages, view the Clery Emergency Notification Policy (PDF) and the Timely Notice Policy (PDF).

Emergency Response

You should familiarize yourself with the Immediate Action Guide (PDF) which will help you make decisions in emergency situations.

The planning for emergencies is a constant and ever-evolving process. The latest information will always be available in the Emergency Response Planning (PDF), and you should check back periodically for updates.

You can download the HCC Emergency Information card (PDF) to find additional information and local on-campus and off-campus resources.

The College has established the Emergency Management Planning Committee (EMPC) to coordinate and facilitate the emergency planning for the College. In addition, the EMPC is responsible for overseeing the activities of the College Violence Prevention Committee and the Behavioral Intervention Team. See the EMPC policy (PDF) for more information.

Behavioral Intervention

The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is the College's required Threat Assessment Team. They can review information and conduct inquiries to help identify behaviors, and they will assist anyone who may be on a pathway to violence.

Campus Safety Video

Heartland Community College Normal Campus Safety Video

Heartland Community College Normal Campus Safety Video Transcription (PDF)

Campus Safety Video

Heartland Community College Pontiac and Lincoln Campus Safety Video

Heartland Community College Pontiac and Lincoln Campus Safety Video Transcription (PDF)

Contact Us

Kevin Eack

Director, Risk Management and Public Safety
Phone: 309-268-8091

Keith Gehrand

Safety and Emergency Services Analyst
Phone: 309-268-8454