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Heartland Community College

Survivor Resources

Please seek medical assistance first if you recently survived sexual violence.


We have a team of staff who are trained to help you.  The Title IX Coordinator is your first point of contact and can be reached at or 309-268-8249.  The Coordinator will listen to your needs and help you secure appropriate resources including

  • On-campus and community counseling services, medical services, mental health services, and other resources
  • Help with completing an on-campus incident report
  • Assistance with going to the hospital and/or reporting to law enforcement
  • No contact orders and orders of protection
  • Protective measures like providing campus escorts, implementing contact limitations between the parties, offering adjustments to academic deadlines and/or course schedules, altering work arrangements for employees, etc.

On-Campus Resources

On-Campus Resources
Name Contact Information

Amy T Pawlik
Associate Vice President, Enrollment and Student Services
Title IX Coordinator 


Barb Leathers
Executive Director of Human Resources
Deputy Title IX Coordinator


Camille Springer
Director of Counseling Services
Confidential Advisor


Heartland Security Services


Off-Campus Resources

Off-Campus Resources
Organization Contact Information
Police Department Emergency 911
PATH Crisis Line 211 or
Stepping Stones Sexual Assault Crisis Program
Victim Advocacy Services
DCFS Child Abuse: Child Abuse Hotline 800-252-2873
Countering Domestic Violence 24-Hour Hotline 309-827-7070

Interim Measures

To ensure your safety and well-being, you may request interim measures after an incident of sexual misconduct or sexual violence occurs.  These can include providing campus escorts, offering adjustments to academic deadlines and/or course schedules,  implementing campus no-contact limitations, honoring an order of protection/no contact order from a court, and/or other changes to academic and working situations.  The Title IX Coordinator ( will be able to help facilitate such changes.


You have the right to report a sexual assault to local law enforcement (911 or 309-888-5030) or can choose not to do so, neither of which prevents the College from pursuing disciplinary action.  The College will cooperate with any law enforcement investigations.  You also have the option to be assisted on-campus with reporting to law enforcement by the College’s Title IX Coordinators or Counseling Services staff.  These individuals can also assist survivors with locating and utilizing survivor services.  The YWCA’s Stepping Stones Program, (309) 662-0461, also has resources to assist with reporting to local law enforcement.