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Heartland Community College

Weather Closings

In the event of bad weather or an emergency, the College may close campus. Closure announcements are made as soon as possible.

Check the following outlets for information.

When an emergency occurs during regular operating hours, information and instructions are delivered through the emergency broadcast system on the main campus. In Lincoln and Pontiac, information is shared by faculty and staff.

Emergency Text Alerts

Heartland Community College has a new system for sending important notifications. Opt in today!

This voluntary text messaging service can deliver two types of information:

  1. Emergency Alerts (HCC-ALERTS) – Notification of a serious concern affecting campus, including any campus closures due to severe weather
  2. Temporary Interferences (HCC-ACCESS) – Notification of an interference to campus access such as elevator repairs, blocked stairs, sidewalks and closed entries and parking areas

If you currently receive HCCAlerts, you will be automatically enrolled in the new system.

For Emergency Alerts

Text  JOIN HCC-ALERTS to 31389


Scan the QR Code below and click SEND

Text LEAVE HCC-ALERTS to 31389 to opt out of the emergency text message service.

For Temporary Interferences

Text  JOIN HCC-ACCESS to 31389


Scan the QR Code below and click SEND

Text LEAVE HCC-ACCESS to 31389 to opt out of the temporary interference text message service.

The system will reply with an acknowledgement that you have signed up to receive notifications!

HCC does not charge a fee for this service. Review your particular mobile device texting and data plan for service details specific to your account. HCC will not share your mobile number or information with any other organization.

To view the College’s policies on emergency messages, view the Clery Emergency Notification Policy (PDF) and the Timely Notice Policy (PDF).