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Heartland Community College

Strategic Plan


Leading our community to lifelong learning and success.


Heartland provides accessible, equitable, innovative learning opportunities and resources that enrich our community.

Value Statements

We value... Value Statements
Learners We are learner-centered, focused on creating a personalized path to success for each individual.
Community We are all partners in the success of the organization, boldly embracing current and future opportunities that will empower our students and communities to fully actualize their potential.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) We create a collegial and welcoming culture by taking collective responsibility in the creation, protection, and enhancement of an equitable, diverse, and inclusive campus community.
Ethical Practices We practice ethical decision-making, professionalism, transparency, and responsible stewardship of environmental, financial, and community resources to promote a sustainable future.
Continuous Improvements We cultivate College quality through continuous improvement and professional development.

College-Wide Priorities & Goals

Heartland Community College strives to foster a culture of data-informed continuous improvement to attain its priorities and goals.

  • Promote Student Access and Success
    1. Increase percentage of students progressing toward and completing their educational and career goals.
    2. Increase undergraduate enrollments in areas identified in the College’s Strategic Enrollment Management Plan.
    3. Reduce opportunity gaps and achievement gaps among student populations.
    4. Improve student satisfaction.
    5. Increase student achievement of the College's Essential Competencies (PDF).
  • Create and Model a Systemic Culture of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    1. Reduce barriers to access and equity.
    2. Model antiracist practices within and beyond the college community.
    3. Increase the percentage of employees and students participating in EDI oriented professional development, social awareness, and community engagement opportunities.
  • Ensure Resource Stewardship
    1. Improve employee satisfaction.
    2. Fulfill institutional need for diverse recruiting, hiring, retention, and advancement.
    3. Maintain or increase the College's financial health.
    4. Maintain or increase value of the College's physical assets.
  • Serve as a Community Resource
    1. Meet emerging workforce needs through education and training programs.
    2. Fulfill unmet community demand for personal enrichment and professional learning.
    3. Establish and sustain diverse community partnerships to share resources and build reciprocal support networks.
  • Model Effective Communication, Collaboration and Transparency
    1. Intentionally obtain and incorporate employee input.
    2. Improve internal dissemination of information.
    3. Share resources, responsibilities and results to achieve college-wide goals.

- Approved by the HCC Board of Trustees Effective September, 2021