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Tuition Due Dates and Payment Policy

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Tuition Due Dates

Spring 2022:

For class registration before Dec. 14, 2021, tuition is due December 14, 2021.
For class registration on or after Dec. 14, 2021, tuition is due the day of registration.





Tuition Payment Policy

Students should make one of the tuition payment arrangements below by the tuition due date. If tuition payment arrangements are not made, they will be dropped from their courses.

Tuition Payment Arrangements

  • Pay tuition in full by check, cash or credit card
  • Have a Heartland Community College payment plan in place
  • Apply and be approved for Financial Aid
  • Have an employer or 3rd party sponsor letter on file
  • Be eligible for mandatory tuition waivers (veterans, senior citizens, etc.)
  • Be the recipient of a scholarship

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to contact the cashier at (309) 268-8140.  

Financial coaching is available at (309) 268-8055 or you can visit to learn more about paying for college.