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Heartland Community College

International Programs

We are committed to promoting international education, cross-cultural understanding, and global citizenship.

International Students

We welcome students from around the world to study at Heartland. In 2021, Heartland students represented 42 nations worldwide. 

Current Student Information

On-Campus Students

As part of our commitment, we also offer various opportunities for campus students to participate in global learning including through a Global Studies Designation and study abroad:

Global Studies Program  Study Abroad

Employee Professional Development

In order to promote student global education, we need to help our employees foster international understanding and global citizenship first! Accordingly, we offer the following international intitiatives to further growth and development in global education:

Committee for Global Education    Employee Professional Development

Contact Us

International Programs Office

Phone: 309-268-8043

Gavin Lee

Associate Director of International Programs
Primary Designated School Official (PDSO)
Responsible Officer (RO)
Phone: 309-268-8043

Zach Petrea

Study Abroad Coordinator
ICISP Representative
Phone: 309-268-8613