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Heartland Community College

College Illinois! & Savings Plans

Tuition Payment Extension Agreement

Students must fill out a Tuition Payment Extension Agreement form (PDF) each semester they will use funds from College Illinois!, 529 plans, or other third-party payments (scholarships, employers, etc.). This form is also available at the Heartland Cashier.

Please return the completed form to the Business Office or the Heartland Cashier. You may also fax the form to the Business Office at 309-268-7996.

College Illinois!

College Illinois! is the state of Illinois 529 Prepaid Tuition Program that allows families to pay for tuition and fees at current rates in order to avoid future cost increases. You need to fill out a Tuition Payment Extension Agreement form each semester you will use College Illinois! funds.

  • College Illinois! funds typically do not cover course specific required fees. You may receive a bill for any remaining fees after College Illinois! funds have been applied to your account during the semester you are enrolled.
  • If you have questions on your College Illinois! account, want to know what funds you have available, etc., please contact College Illinois! Customer Service at 877-877-3724, option 2.
  • For specific questions on how your College Illinois! funds are applied to your Heartland Community College account, please contact the Business Office at 309-268-8140.

Other 529 Plans

Students need to fill out a Tuition Payment Extension Agreement form each semester they will use 529 plan funds. Once the Business Office has received notification, Heartland Community College will apply credit and bill your plan administrator.

Payment by Another Source

Please fill out a Tuition Payment Extension Agreement form (PDF) and notify the Business Office each semester if your tuition is being paid by any other outside source (scholarships, employers). You may need to provide the Business Office with further information in addition to the Tuition Payment Extension Agreement.