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Heartland Community College

Survivor Rights & Options

As a survivor of sexual violence, you have several rights and options available to you.

You have the right to be informed. We’ll notify and update you on:

  • College policies, procedures, disciplinary actions and possible outcomes
  • Available counseling services and medical services as well as resources on and off campus
  • The investigation and disciplinary outcomes

You have the right to report. You can choose to report an incident to local law enforcement or not. Your choice does not prevent the College from pursuing disciplinary action and the College will cooperate with any law enforcement investigations.

You have the right to get assistance.

  • College staff can help with reporting an incident to law enforcement.
  • YWCA’s Stepping Stones program offers reporting assistance and helps get you medical care.
  • You can request an advisor of your choice throughout the investigation and disciplinary process. This individual can be present at related meetings and hearings.

You have the right to request what you need. Courses of action are available after an incident of sexual misconduct or violence, including:

  • Campus escorts
  • Interim remedies including campus escorts, schedule adjustments and more
  • A campus no-contact order that prohibits the accused person from having any kind of contact with the survivor
  • Court-issued civil order of protection or no-contact order

You always have the right to receive information in concise format and written in plain language.  If you have questions or concerns about any of your rights and options, please reach out to Terrance Bond, Title IX Coordinator, at 309-268-8238 or