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Heartland Community College

Give Back

Many former students give back to the College through teaching, presentations and community service opportunities.


Community Education classes promote life-long learning. As a Community Education instructor, you can plan your own courses and share your skills and knowledge with the community.

Become a Community Education Instructor

Guest Speaking

Many students are interested in your experiences after Heartland. We would be thrilled to discuss opportunities for you to present your college experience, workforce skills and life knowledge.

Contact us if you are interested in guest speaking.

Service Day

Heartland Community College is dedicated to serving the communities in which we serve through a number of volunteer efforts. Each year in April, Heartland holds a Service Day where members of the College, as well as alumni and friends, team up with community partners to assist in improvements to their spaces. 

Learn More About Service Day 2023

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Gena Glover

Associate Director of College Engagement
Phone: 309-268-8188

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