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Board of Trustees approved three-year faculty contract

June 21, 2022

The Heartland Community College Board has voted to approve terms of a new collective bargaining agreement with the Heartland Faculty Association. 

The three-year agreement runs from Fiscal Year 2023 to Fiscal Year 2025. 

The contract, ratified earlier this month by the Heartland Faculty Association (HFA), includes an across the board increase in faculty salaries for of 2.5% in year one and an increase of 3% in year two and 2.5% in year three. 

“During the bargaining process we considered a salary study conducted by the College and an outside consulting firm, which provided a one-time adjustment to most faculty ahead of the annual increases in this three-year term. With those adjustments, the additional yearly increases demonstrate recognition of what full-time faculty contribute to the College,” said Cherie Rankin, President of the Heartland Faculty Association. 

In a statement the HFA leadership team added: “The HFA is committed to offering students quality educational experience, which can best occur when responsible compensation and supportive working conditions are provided for educational professionals; we believe the contract developed collaboratively with board representatives is beneficial to our members and aligns with the goals of the College.” 

The College and HFA utilized Interest Based Bargaining (IBB) to address specific issues of interest. 

“Unlike traditional positional bargaining in which compromise is the best we could hope for, the IBB approach leads teams to explore every possible solution to an issue,” said Rick Pearce, Heartland Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs. “We feel this helped us identify the best solution that is feasible and acceptable to address the issues at hand when developing this contract.” 

The contract does not include part-time faculty, who are involved with separate collective bargaining with the College. 

Written by: Steve Fast