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Heartland Community College

Heartland students named to NJCAA All-Academic Team

July 19, 2023

The NJCAA has announced the 2022-23 All-Academic Teams, recognizing student-athletes across the country for their dedication in the classroom. Fifty-one Heartland Community College student-athletes have been honored for achieving a high GPA.

Heartland Athletics set new high marks in the number of First-Team All-Academic honorees and a new high number of total student-athletes making an all-academic team overall.

Student-athletes are eligible to earn academic honors by achieving an overall GPA of 3.60 or higher for the 2022-23 academic year.

First Team (4.0 GPA)
Sam Antonacci (Baseball)
Grant Aten (Baseball)
Bobby Atkinson (Baseball)
Corey Boyette (Baseball)
Drew Martin (Baseball)
Jacob Pate (Baseball)
TJ Williams (Baseball)
Danielle Bogle (Softball)
Sadie Christensen (Softball)
Morgan Malone (Softball)
Raeghan Morefield (Softball)
Lauren Shively (Softball)
Amber Teimeyer (Softball)
Grace Wyman (Softball)
Emily Boyette (Volleyball)
Cece Carr (Volleyball)
Kaitlyn Conway (Volleyball)
Olivia Pippin (Volleyball)
Addysen Clark (Women’s cross country)
Clare Holland (Women’s cross country)
Taylor Joop (Women’s cross country)
Grace Spoonhour (Women’s cross country)
Zara Dominguez (Women’s soccer)
Carla Martinez (Women’s soccer)
Easton Rosen (Men’s cross country)
Reece Tennison (Golf)

Second Team (3.80-3.99 GPA)
Aidan McNamee (Baseball)
Jake Jakubowski (Baseball)
Nick Rainey (Baseball)
Tomas Barros (Men’s soccer)
Mario Sapena (Men’s soccer)
Ellie Downing (Softball)
Ellie Hill (Women’s soccer)
Elle Knapp (Women’s cross country)
Kalei McDaniel (Women’s cross country)
Jenni Slagel (Volleyball)

Third Team (3.60-3.79 GPA)
Will Fletcher (Baseball)
Ben Hartl (Baseball)
Daniel Mosele (Baseball)
Cale Steinbaugh (Baseball)
Michael Vitellaro (Baseball)
Luke Wright (Baseball)
Hugo Benavente (Men’s soccer)
Alex Benitez (Men’s soccer)
Marcos Fernandez (Men’s soccer)
Michael Betancourt (Men’s cross country)
Briar Nevills (Men’s cross country)
Aaliyah Denius (Volleyball)
Lauren Strange (Volleyball)
Lydia Madrid (Women’s soccer)
Jackson Oliver (Golf)

Nationally, 2,702 student-athletes garnered NJCAA All-Academic First Team honors after achieving a 4.0 GPA. 3,347 student-athletes were named to the NJCAA All-Academic Second Team while 4,117 student-athletes received third-team recognition.



Written by: Steve Fast