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Heartland Community College

Heartland faculty receive Course Hero Grants

September 22, 2023

Two Heartland Community College faculty members have received grants to explore new implementations of technology. 

Kim McHale and Stephanie Kratz are among fifty-two educators to receive funding from a grant program by online learning platform Course Hero, designed to support a wide range of faculty submitted program using technology such as generative AI and VR. 

Selected through a blind review process by a team of Course Hero staff who themselves are former educators, grant recipients were selected from a pool of faculty across 142 institutions for the Fall 2023 term. 

Kim McHale’s project will investigate the potential benefits and challenges of using AI to enhance math education. Math 161 (Calculus 1) students this Fall semester will participate in the project and will focus on evaluating the impact of AI on learning. Students will work in pairs or small groups, providing diverse perspectives that enrich discussions on AI's role in education, as well as gaining real-world experience in research and presentation skills. 

With the project “Snapshots of Burnout Management,” Stephanie Kratz, will create a digital resource kit featuring microlearning lessons for Liberal Arts and Social Sciences faculty on managing stress related to faculty burnout. Using the 7taps micro-learning app, mini-lessons will be sent to faculty weekly, including case studies, invitations to engage with colleagues, quick strategies for immediate implementation, videos, and visuals. 

Findings from the projects will be curated and presented digitally, sharing insights with Heartland and the broader educational community. 

The Course Hero Teaching Grant supports educators and institutions in their pursuit of educational excellence and innovation. By providing funding for transformative initiatives, the grant empowers educators to create engaging learning experiences and drive positive change in education. With over 150,000 faculty users in the U.S. and Canada, Course Hero facilitates resource sharing, collaboration, and instructional innovation.

Written by: Steve Fast